Friday, January 22, 2010

Repairpal for you..

Spring is soon be here and hubby and I are planning to have a road trip to the West I am very excited and he told me I should be because at the West so many nice scenery are waiting for us. But before we are going our Spring trip he told me he is going to check engine light  first so he is going to bring our car to an auto shop
 which  for me that sound really appropriate to be prepared in anything specially for a long distance trip, it is a must!
I immediately called my cousin who lives in San Diego, California because we are planning to visit her too. I've never seen her for 5 years now. We only talked over the phone and see each other on live cam but in person we don't. So I told hubby why not visit her since our itinerary is going West why not hit California too. And he agreed. I told my cousin that hubby is already set for a check up our Ford F-150 , I think it is best for us to travel a big truck like Ford F-150 and second I feel confident that a big truck is good for long distance trip. But she told me not to worry that much because when we got to her place they are close to San Diego auto repair which she told me very reliable, great service, the people who work there are friendly our truck is in good hands. For that I am very thankful and so we are set for a Western trip soon.

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grace said...

Saan yang bridge na yan? seen the same in Butuan, Phils.