Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Car repair

Yeheyyy!! Today, I just received an email from a long lost friend. Eight years ago her and I are friends we used to hang out each other after we chatted our online boyfriends (now my DH). After she left Philippines  I haven't heard anything from her. One time I bumped her Aunt in the market  and since her Aunt and my mother are co-teachers in an elementary school I knew her. So I asked her where my friend was then, she told me that she was already living in Houston, Texas. When I heard that news I was so glad that  she was okay. 
It was my time then to left Philippines and headed here in Michigan. And for how many years I haven't heard any news from her. Until that Katrina storm came I was kind of worried because it was near her place. Today, I got her email I was so thankful I never change my email address. I don't like writing too long emails so I called her immediately lol!! When I heard her voice we are like school girls we screamed and trying to talked at the same time lol!!  I asked her how is she and she told me that she already had two kids, how awesome is that. She didn't work because she choose to be a full  time mommy.  I asked her where is her husband and she told me that he was out with her Acura TL because it needs  an oil change and a brake job. They are going to visit her Aunt's place in California and as a good husband as her husband he went to  Houston Auto Repair    for a good tune up. Well, that is just an awesome thing to do specially when we have to go for a trip we don't want to be left behind in nobody's place. Anyhow, I told her I am so glad we communicated again and oh my golly I am so excited to talked to her again. That is what friends are, right?

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