Thursday, March 11, 2010

Repair pal

Today is a very beautiful day our temperature is 62F people took off their jackets and just walk around with their flip flops. In other words it is not cold, that is what is going on if you live here in the north part of the country  hehehe. Last year, I told hubby that this year we are going to travel down south. Our  Chevrolet Silverado white which we sold to his BIL  needs a brake job. So since hubby and I wanted to borrow the truck for our trip this spring and summer, he asked his BIL to bring it here in our house. 
The memories is still vivid to me the first time I learned how to drive. It was the Chevrolet Silverado the first car that I ever drove around the field and  stuck in the snow bank. Driving at that time is so foreign to me but I was challenge for the fact that if others can do why can't I? This Spring we are going to visit my DH nephew who lives in Dallas, Texas and if we have time we might as well go to San Antonio, Texas to visit his brother too. And yes, we are going to use the Chevrolet Silverado though his BIL told us that it needs a brake job, hubby is confident that Dallas Auto repair will gonna fix it.

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