Friday, March 12, 2010

Save energy now

Sometimes when I am alone my mind wonders too far away. One time I was facing our backyard and I saw water bottle and a plastic bag. Well, that is when all the snow melted that I saw what I put at the back of our backyard way back Fall ^_^. Anyway, while I was looking at it a thought came to me if I am not going to put those away, how many years does bottled water and plastic bag will decompose? It took me sometimes to come up the conclusion that it will take years maybe centuries for all this plastic stuff to be face off the earth.
That is what me and my niece talked about last night. She told me that in the Philippines because they are experiencing El Nino, the electric company told the consumers that they are going turn off the electric distribution for eight hours and give some of the power to other area. Energy saving is very important to any where in the world. It doesn't mean that because we have all the natural resources we will just misuse it.  I so love to save in any way possible. We bought all our home appliances with a sign that is an energy saver. Every penny count and if we are not responsible enough to look the simple thing around us then we are not helping our selves and also our environment. I am so glad that basing on what our electric and gas company says in their campaign for Energy saving our home energy is at par.