Color Carnival

                                                               This was taken last year.
                                            More colorful photos visit COLOR CARNIVAL


Monica said…
Now that poster demands your attention! Perfect for this theme.
Martha said…
That is a delightful picture, love the dinosaur. Your children are beautiful. Thanks for visiting for the CC.
BLOGitse said…
I could be one of your kids - always in the water when possible in that age! :)

Happy and colorful CC Sunday!
Greetings from Casa, Morocco!

"Lillagul" said…
You can´t miss that poster , can you :)
Great choise for color canival !
Martha said…
What a perfect shot for Color Carnival! Thanks so much for sharing this one with us :-)
Selina said…
lets all go there! LOL nice picture so colorful
fini said…
whoaa!! cool poster! looks so inviting:)
Jama said…
The colorful poster just grab one's attention!
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