Wednesday, May 19, 2010

South Park Makes Fun of Facebook

I was recently told by several of my friends that the Facebook episode of South Park was one I should definitely watch. When I was flipping through the channels last night on satellite TV, I was surprised to find that it was on. I was fortunate to just have traded direct tv packages to allow me to get the channel that the episode was being played on. While I am a huge South Park fan, I am not so much a fan of Facebook and I found this episode to be only slightly amusing.
I understand the trends of social networking sites however, I haven't myself been drawn to use them. This episode outlined extremes of this social phenomenon. I thought the idea of no one having any friends was amusing and that by adding someone who had no friends as your friend would somehow make you less desirable as a friend was also amusing. While this type of behavior is more common with teen use of social networking sites it was still highly amusing to see even the adults in South Park getting wrapped up in the Facebook drama.
I guess what I found was most disappointing in the episode was the whole getting sucked into Facebook taken literally. I wasn't exactly sure what was so funny about walking around Facebook and trying to find your own profile, only to be bogged down by other profiles. This whole part of the story was not in the slightest amusing to me. On the other hand I thought Cartman's Facebook friends show set up like a Stock exchange and the trading news show was hilarious. I am sure there are probably executives at Facebook who analyze usage of their site and Cartman has to push it to an extreme, of course.
Guest Post by Charley Walsh