Monday, July 5, 2010

Handheld Tv

Hubby and I likes to travel a lot. I've been to many states and I enjoyed it a lot but one time I told him why not we go visit locally, and he agreed to the idea because he himself haven't visited many towns or cities here in my place. Well the thing is when we travel I always ask him are we there yet? Hubby told me he had to buy a handheld TV so my mind is occupied and not to annoy him when he is driving. Well I do love that idea too I am a tv addict and that is also what my cousins who lives in London. She has to buy a handheld TV for her two sons  too since they love to travel a lot. Well can't go wrong with having one it's a very cool gadget and I am loving it too.

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Rossel said...

,ate Kim. just dropping by. i love your header!