Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One click away

Last Sunday my DH son and his grandson visited us. I listened to their talked and I can't help but laughed a lot. My step grandson is complaining about his girlfriend and  he said that he is fed up with her hahaha. And that day they broke up. So I told him why not Meet Singles Online? I told him that hubby and I meet online and we chatted for two years and after two years he visited me. When I meet him for the first time I didn't know what to expect or feel but I just feel at peace with him.
I suggested to him that locally we have Matchmaking Services and with that access his horizon will expand and I told him just enjoy your youth and if you find a good woman then that's when you start to date seriously. What I like with Alex is that he listened he is not that stubborn and it's up to him if he likes to look and try Online Dating Sites. We told him not to expect too much because love is mysterious you find it in unexpected place.

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