The best time to buy

Since yesterday I have never set foot outside because of the snow. Since Sunday we had this snow storm and for a matter of hours it already accumulated about 4 to 5 inches. The bad part is that it's Sunday and nobody would plow the road which makes it really scary. With this kind of weather specially Winter I think of transferring or taking a long vacation to a place that doesn't have a snow. And that's when I saw a site Santa, Cruz I looked at it immediately I thought it's in Mexico but it's in the state of California. Then I called my cousin who lives in California. I asked him about Santa, Cruz and he told me that it's a very good county and that houses are pretty huge and since all the houses now are underwater the price of a house before that cost $700,000 can be only bought for $400,000!! Wow that was a huge decreased I only wonder how those homeowners felt when these houses will go to the bank. And he told me too that this county is near water and because I don't see sea water here in  Michigan and I am so used to see sea water in the Philippines it made me excited.
I talked hubby about what I have found and what my cousin had told me. He said that we have to looked for more and so I browsed for more. I found Hawaii Real Estate and Newport Beach Real Estate very fascinating and very interesting. They also have experienced plunging of house prices and that makes any person who is looking for a house to have more option. I so love to have a  house close to a beach. I love to wake up in the morning and  breath a fresh air from the sea. Walked in the morning and afternoon at the beach and not shoveling snow.  ^_^


lerra said…
follow pod ni ako usa ka blog manang kim..have a wonderful day!
emmanuelmateo said…
siguro maganda ang tanawin na yan manang..enjoy the fresh air.
Ann said…
I see from your new photo, you have really long thick hair.

The earthquake here has affected Philipino students also.
Qing Cai said…
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