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One of my pride and joy turns 10

His name is Gino Paulo and he is my one and only nephew I've got after my first nephew died the day he was born. I am happy I was with his 10th birthday he was so happy too his Mama Kim is with him in his special day.
He was born while my mother was still alive, me and my mother was at the hospital waiting for my sister to deliver the baby. And yes I saw him when the nurse pull him from my sisters "pwerta" then I watched the nurse gave him a bath and listen to his little voice when he cries. We were so happy that here he is strong and healthy little boy. The name Gino was his fathers request and Paulo was taken after Pope Paul 2, instead of Paul I choose Paulo to sound like Italian hehe. Because what was in my mind then I am going to name him John Paul but his father likes Gino that is why I change it to be sounded like Italian. He is very hyper active little boy. He dance really well and has many friends I have to tell him everytime that friends can come to the house onl…