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The Tractors

This year we went to the county fair. Here in Michigan we don't have state fair (sad). I only went one time to a state fair somewhere in Detroit and I think the next year they stopped doing it. Oh well, I guess you know what happened in Detroit, it is bankrupt!! I don't want to go in that topic hehe for now I like to show the display of trators my hubby like to look.

                                                          Clean and nice tractors. Linking to Ruby Tuesday Too

Summer Getaway

Summer here in Michigan is fun. Almost all the people are liking the warm weather people get out to enjoy the moment before fall then winter creep in. And we all know that winter here in Michigan takes many months.

                                 You can see this twin tower in Mississauga, Canada

                                           And this is the CN tower. Toronto, Canada

                                                     Linking to Outdoor Wednesday

Crawling Flower

I have seen this flower many times it does look unique and pretty but I don't think so if I plant this in our place since at night this looks like a snake lol! Sorry but seems like it is and I chicken out if I hear about snake or see one but took a picture of though as I have said it is pretty! I do not know the name of this plant can anyone tell me?

                                                   Linking to Ruby Tuesday Too