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The best time to buy

Since yesterday I have never set foot outside because of the snow. Since Sunday we had this snow storm and for a matter of hours it already accumulated about 4 to 5 inches. The bad part is that it's Sunday and nobody would plow the road which makes it really scary. With this kind of weather specially Winter I think of transferring or taking a long vacation to a place that doesn't have a snow. And that's when I saw a site Santa, Cruz I looked at it immediately I thought it's in Mexico but it's in the state of California. Then I called my cousin who lives in California. I asked him about Santa, Cruz and he told me that it's a very good county and that houses are pretty huge and since all the houses now are underwater the price of a house before that cost $700,000 can be only bought for $400,000!! Wow that was a huge decreased I only wonder how those homeowners felt when these houses will go to the bank. And he told me too that this county is near water and becaus…

Happy Birthday to MG

This is MG and her birthday was yesterday she just turned 9 years old. I called and talked to her and she was thankful that I bought a lechon for her birthday! My brother told me that they were not able to celebrate her birthday at the swimming pool because it rained so much, so they opted to stay home and do her party there which for me is good. She is pretty smart kid. She has dreams of becoming a doctor someday ^_^ When I and my brother and his wife talked about it we just laughed because a medicine course take a lot of money, lol!! But at the same time we are happy that in her young age she has a dream already.  For now I am happy  that she turns 9 years old and she is getting to be a little lady soon. And that made me happy. I always pray for all of my nieces and nephew a good health and that they are always safe from any kind of danger. I always love them and that is forever!! Again a HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY!

Auto quotes

It's our time of the year to pay for our auto insurance and it looks like I don't like to smile hehe. Aside from auto insurance we also have to pay for our home insurance and other stuff!! But I think this is life we have to follow some rules and oftentimes it works in our advantage too. Coming here in the US from the my native country Philippines, it was a shocker because I knew many in my native country who owns a car or any vehicle don't have auto insurance. But here in the US you are really required to have one because you can't be given a title of your car if you don't have one. Which for me is really good since we don't know when an accident would happen right? As I was looking at our auto insurance bill I told my hubby if we could look and get auto quotes from other company. And we did find a good one who offers motor vehicle liability insurance and they have a pretty good competitive rates. There site is easy to read and easy to understand. I shunned fro…

Macro Monday

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Ticket America is the way to go

Well last weekend we all glued ourselves in front of our tv's. The game between Steelers and Packer was really fun I couldn't help but cheered to Packer,lol!! And they won! Hubby and I had a good time because I can't keep myself from cheering while he is keeping quite, stressed out what will be his team gonna come up with the Packers going like crazy in the game.
Then I told hubby that this year it would be nice if we could in person all the games of basketball specially the five favorite team that I love so much. Sorry guys but can't take this five from me I don't have number one because they are all my top five and they are....Orlando Magic, Detroit Piston, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Maverick and San Antonio Spurs. Yup my top five team and for me they are the best they may play against each other but I don't care still they are my favorites. Last few years ago my BIL who lives in San Antonio, Texas used to send us tickets and he always bought it in Ticket America w…

My little boy

I missed this little boy. He is not little anymore he is growing fast like a weed,  and he gain weight. He used to be skinny but when he reached the age of  11 he started to gain weight. Which is good and at the same time I told him not too much, lol!   He is in grade 4 I think and the other day my brother told me that their school had a program. So all of them went there with my two little girls too. This photo my brother took, he is just playing around. Love this little man!

Organizing Kids' Closets

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

It may seem obvious, but a great way to get kids ready for school is to go through their closets and organize them. This simple thing can make kids feel refreshed and secure that they are ready to rock the next semester. I am always sure to put the kids at a relatives' house before starting this endeavor. I usually like to work alone when I am cleaning out the kids' closets. So, I make sure to drop off the kids at my sister's house. While I am working, however, I make sure to set the home security alarm system. Since I am working upstairs, there is no way for me to see if a person enters the downstairs of our home. This thought once used to make me nervous, but I am no longer nervous with an alarm (ADT Security Floridaprices) set. I know that if someone enters, then they will be caught. I go through all of my kids' clothes and take out any clothes that are too small. Then I am sure to put them into garbage bags and …

Getting big

The one on your right is my nephew and he is clowning around trying to looked big in this picture. But actually he is getting big. He is going to be 12 this year and I couldn't believe next year I will have a teen-ager!!! I am excited at the same time try to hold on the time and moment that he is my baby boy. Last year I have not visited my native country Philippines and this year I am not so sure if I can visit them. But basing on the pictures that my brother shared on me in Facebook they grew like weeds lol.  When I called them I see to it that I talked to my nieces and nephew and I missed them a lot!! I know that when I see them I would not believe that they grow tall and fast. They grow without their parents with them. I was the one who took care of them when their parents didn't care for them. That's why they call me "mama" because I am more closer to them than their parents. I don't have any regrets that they came to my life I consider them as my own and …