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Shopping With Friends

The whole day I was out. Yup, as in literally out of our house. Because me and my friends were having a shopping Filipino food mode and lunch after. Thanks to Ms. L for driving us and preparing our lunch because we had a sumptuous lunch as well as a good laugh. Here are the photos that we took.

The Barn

Took this shot from another angle of our barn.

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Creative Exchange and Behind The Camera

Norton Small Business By Symantec

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Norton Small Business by Symantec for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Two years ago, we had a very bad experience and our computer crashed.  As ordinary people who do not know anything about computers, we brought our computer to a computer person and he told us that a virus infected our computer. We do not know what kind of virus it got to our computer for there are hundreds of them lurking around. Thank goodness, this computer person was very honest and he told us he may fix it but he cannot say he could get rid the virus 100%. In addition, he suggested many things, one thing he told us is to get Norton Internet Security software, if we decide to buy a new computer and we did. Thankfully, until now we do not have problem about our computer having been attack by any viruses, or malware and those other viruses I cannot even spell or pronounce it well.
Last weekend, at our family brunch gathering, we asked each other what is …

Stand Up For Family

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Stand Up For Family is brought by American Family Insurance is the most outstanding, magnificent stand up comedy I have ever watch. I laugh and laugh to the point I am in tears. Hubby who is watching TV in another room come out asking me what is going on and I told him about the video. I love all the video because they talked about the good old days and what is going on in our household that anybody could relate. I do not know a stand up comedy for families is available in videos until now. I like the idea that the whole family could watch and laugh together because we enjoy the show and everyone could relate the story. What I saw on TV now days are those stands up comedy that used foul or profane words even adults cannot take it. When I saw the video, I did not expect I could relate almost all the stories the performers share to the audience. I am from the Philip…


UPDATE: This photo is picked as one of the winners at Tina's PicStory
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Laughing Together

Last November 1 and 2 is All Saints and All Souls day in the Philippines. Those days are holidays so no school nor work on those days. People go home to visit cemeteries and go to the graves of their beloved. My brother, my SIL and my nephew and nieces went to the grave of my parents and my nephew. It is our tradition to stay there and bring some food and also to ask somebody from the church a lay minister to lead the prayer for the souls. So the lay minister starts to pray and my nieces and nephew started to laughed. And they can't stopped from laughing they had to cover themselves. My brother took photos from them and I asked him why they are laughing. My brother told me that they were laughing because the lay minister had a hard time reading the prayer. If mamalo (their grandma) is still alive they will be scolded lol! But for sure if their papalo (their grandpa) is there he will just smile at them. But what made me smile is seeing them happy and they are together the three of …

Weekend Reflection

Tried to take photos on a light trail behind the glass window. What I got  is a lot.
           What do you see? Light trail on the left side, sunrise, red curtain and the bird feeder stick. All because                      of what we call reflection.

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Manor Lakes

When we are talking about properties and houses on a lake what comes in your mind? It is very expensive only people who had money could afford such property and house. That is what we always hear from people and that is so true. I find houses on the lake beautiful and that those land, if there is a vacant land would price double or triple to an ordinary land far from a lake. However, to find a house on the lake many people has preference too. Some do like to be not too close from a neighbor, some want to have an extra land that they could put a boathouse and other things. Well in Manor Lakes,  house and land packages are available what ever preference you may have. However, of course, many do not know where Manor Lakes is. Manor Lakes is 40 minutes west of Melbourne in the Wyndham City. As you can see in their website the  house and land packages Wyndham Vale  has the most stunning and gorgeous design that I have ever seen. The house in the picture is my dream house. I can only imagin…


My nephew I call him Kuya Gino is getting big every time my brother sent me their photos online. This photo was taken by my brother at the cemetery last Nov 1. and was surprised  my Kuya G looks like a young man already. This brings me a smile and make my day more warmer and brighter. Last week he message me offline, telling me that their examination will be this week and that I have to send money...with matching pleaseeeeeeeee and have pity words hahahaha. It really made me smile, he was so concern of the school tuition fee. I told my brother about it and he just smiled, and my brother told me that he was very concern that his balance in school is 8,000 pesos while her sister is only 3,000 that makes him freak out I guess. I message my nephew telling him not to be frantic about it because that's our concern what he gonna do is to study hard and not get a failing grades hehehe. My brother told me that he doesn't have a problem with this little guy (not little anymore) because…

New Things

Written by Sonny Quinn
I’ve always been a little afraid to try new things like scuba diving, surfing, and hang-gliding but recently I have started dating someone who is obsessed with trying new things and for the most part they are an adrenaline junky. Therefore, I’ve really had to start putting myself out there and try new things and I have found out that I love it and to quiet honest I’m fairly good at hang-gliding. This must be a new chapter in my life where I am starting to experience different sides of myself that I never knew existed. Honestly, I feel like a new part of me has been awoken and now I’m interested to see what else I have inside of me that I didn’t know about before. Recently, a friend of mine told me about and I know it will be one more new thing that I try, now I just feel like I need to start concerning myself with trying to fly a plane and not crash it. Hopefully, after a couple of lessons I find out that I’m fairly good at this too.


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Cute Barn

Another drive by shooting. Looks like the barn is newly painted.

                                                       Taken along M-24, Michigan
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Ultimate Showdown: Puppies vs. Babies!

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People like to watch showdowns now here is the showdown everybody will be talking about and it is Puppies vs. Babies  the ultimate showdown. It will go down to history because right now I am asking you guys to VOTE, yes VOTE for who ever will be the cutest, cuddly, lovable, adorable between the two. To be honest and in my opinion I have a hard time choosing between the two but after weighing the pros and cons I decided I vote for… Okay so whom do you choose? Remember Puppies vs. Babies online contest  is here until November 23rd. You do not have to think twice or a gazillion times just visit the Puppies vs. Babies website and look at the Puppies vs. Babies Photo and for sure, you ended up dizzy, joke! You get dizzy because they are all so cute, cuddly, and adorable and it will break my heart not to vote to all of them. However, since it is a contest we only have to vote…

Our First Snow!

Yesterday we had our first snow here in Michigan. It was like flurries but it covered well the whole ground.  I woke up late this morning and when I got up I looked outside thinking we might have a lot of snow, thankfully there were non just the snow from yesterday. Took my camera, dressed up went outside and took some photos. Here is my poor cosmos and at the background is zinnia.

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No clue for this one. I am thinking of giving a price ($5.00 I hope you have paypal) to the person who can guess the right answer. And if there are more than one right answer I will use the to generate who the winner is. I will disable the comment, so you can not see your comment right away. If you can not see your comment after an hour that means your answer is right and I am keeping it until Monday night November 14, 2011.  And by the way, I want the right NAME of this thing (two words). The hour before we got a winner (using I will list all the names/blog site who got the right answer and let's start the ball rolling! So start commenting friends. ^_^

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Right answer:

1. PicStory
2. Ayearinmyshoes
 3. Karen Dorcas, Artist
4. Hootin Anni
5. Jama
6. Trish - Life As I See It
7. Karen - Pixel Post
8. Jan n Jer - Through My Eyes
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Their Friends

I could say that kids now a days are fortunate they have all the photos they want. I think all the cellphones now have cameras and most of the people have point and shoot cameras comparing to my time it is hard to find a photographer. I remember when I was young in my hometown we only have two photographers that I know but now we can take photos where ever and when ever.
My nieces and nephew has many photos I have not printed it yet. These photo was taken by my brother at their school ground. They are having their PE and it happened that my brother was there so he took a snap with their friends. I will keep this photo because soon this become a memorabilia for them.
And by the way, who ever is the friend of the older sister is the friend of the youngest sister and vice versa. and I find it really cool!

Kuya is doing marketing!

I called my one and only nephew Kuya. His name is Gino Paulo. I remember when he was a bit young (3 or 3 yrs old) every time I go to the market early in the morning he woke up like he is watching me the whole time I am preparing to go to the market. So he became my buddy2x. Now he is 12 years old and my brother is now asking him to go to the market. As you see in this photo he is in the fish section of the market and he is carrying a bag  that contains vegetables and I bet fishes too. I really love this photo because it just shows and reminds me when he was young that the he likes to tag along with me where ever I go. Now he can do marketing but one thing that my brother told me is that there are some young kids like his age or older than him that are bullies. And my brother is afraid that he will be bullied because he is the type of a boy that don't like quarrel and is  a loving kid. That is the only concern my brother is when he goes to the market the bullies that's why som…

Odd Shots

We were heading home from Petoskey, Michigan and along US131 we saw this two huge look alike "alien" to me. From afar it does look like a huge alien but hubby knew what it was it's a grain separator.

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                    Right next from the hill I saw this old barn pretty not good looking it needs a total TLC. ^_^
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After waiting for the balikbayan box that was held in Manila for almost a year my box arrived in my home town. This photo showed that the dresses, pants, sweat shirt are a bit short on them. This photo made me missed them so much. Hopefully, next year I will visit them again.