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Discount Parts

I was with a friend the other day and when I arrive at her house, I notice her car was not there. I wonder if she went out or something was wrong. I knock on the door and there she was smiling at the door and I ask her immediately about her car she told me it broke. Therefore, they sent the car to the dealership and right now, she was looking for a discount parts for her car because it is not the engine that is wrong but the other parts too. I just hope that they could find a good one and cheaper that we thought.

Friday Fence

A real life nativity scene. Last weekend we went to a church to see there real life nativity scene. I am very impressed of what they did. So beautiful!

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Right Time

Many people ask what time to buy stocks in the market that I thought to myself I think it is all about timing and knowing what commodities or stocks to invest with. Consumer Portfolio Services is here to assist us in all the questions we have in mind. Hubby and I are thinking of buying some stocks that are not common but have a great future in the market. I am eyeing to one product right now and as I see, it per stock is not that high yet so I guess it is time to plunge in. A friend of mine told me the other day she go to Consumer Portfolio Services for getting some information as I did. I told her that is what I am doing too and we agreed on one thing we have to be up to date and know what we are doing or else we will be overwhelm of what is in these kind of business. 

More Reds

Last Friday hubby and I visited to a church who put up beautiful images from the birth of Jesus to Jesus resurrection. It was cold but people were there working hard and we the spectators were awed of what we saw it is beautiful!

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Shiny ornament

Do you like Christmas ornaments I do. I tend to look for old ones the one I remember when I was a child but it is hard to find these days. For now I settle with my stuff found in some thrift stores.

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