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Last week I had a privilege to visit Singapore for four days. One of our plan is to visit the  National Orchid Garden and we did. As we are approaching the Orchid area  we spotted these beautiful plant. Alongside of the pathways we see this flowers in different colors. I can't help but took a lot of photos of this flowers because of it's amazing beauty. 

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I am Proud

I am a very proud Aunt this week. I enrolled my nephew to a swimming class for Red Cross. My nephew and nieces already knew how to swim so when I enrolled them this week the instructor just had to tell them to change the way they position their heads and from there they are doing great. Last Friday, the one week swimming class ended and the instructor told my nephew and nieces that they are good and he is looking forward to see them in advance class.

The Rooster

The Rooster we passed many rooster the other day as we went for a walk early in the morning. Don't you know I like the sound of a rooster when they crow? ^_^

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