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Couple's Corner: Can You Read my mind?

Last week I missed the Couple's corner meme I was very busy for Christmas I am the kind of person who I guess loves to do a last minute Christmas shopping though I don't like the long lines. But for this week I am present and it is all about the everlasting words "can you read my mind" ^_^ I don't know sa ating mga babae... if it is just us pinay or pareho din ba ito sa mga kana lol...that we pinays like to be silent and just pout our lips and likes our hubby to  just READ our mind. That is one thing my hubby COMPLAIN about me. He told me that he can't read my mind and it is better for me to speak up. Aba na challenge ang beauty ko speak na ako nang speak ngayon eh ayaw na din nyang makinig pag ako ay magsimula nang mag salita .Eh daig ko pa si madame arroyo sa kanyang national address speech....talagang matuturite sa kakarinig si hubby he will go out at pag-lingon ko wala na pala akong audience hehehehe!!  Kidding aside I had a hard time at first....sabi ko ng…

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Oh gush this makes me cry....not because of sadness but of joy watching this kid singing Happy Birthday Jesus...she is so innocent and very real in singing Happy Birthday.
this is amazing ...a four year old child understands the true meaning of christmas but we adults get caught up in all the hype that just takes away from Gods glory...we should all be more like this blessed little girl (fr:dannyTmichelleZ)

Merry Christmas to all!

To all my friends here in blogosphere I will take a time off starting today till Sunday for an obvious reason  it's CHRISTMAS!!! ^_^ I wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas with your family and friends. God bless!

Couple's Corner: Shopping Galore

Wow! The days go by so quickly it's couple's corner again. This weeks theme is all about shopping galore. Hmmm this is a nice topic since I guess women (but not all) loves to shopped. Thankfully I can't say I am a shopaholic, but I also can't say that I don't buy things that I like. Thankfully hubby, didn't mind at all if I go shopping but I guess he is also thankful that I am very frugal when I shopped ^_^  I have to think gazillion times if I will buy the "thing" or not. But if I also like something and  it won't leave my mind for 2 or 3 days then that is the time when I go back to the store and buy it. I also don't have preference of what to buy either it is branded or not. And I am not a branded shopper too, because for me whatever you wear if you don't know how to bring yourself wala din. Anyhow, when I was working for 9 years, iba and drama ko, whatever is the color of our office uniform yan din and color nang sapatos,bag at payong k…

Couple's Corner: Jealousy

So it's another couple's corner meme once again and this time it is all about jealousy. I am thinking of the 8 years that I have known my hubby (2 years of chatting, 1 year engaged, 5 years of marriage) wala namang grabeng nangyari sa amin in terms of jealousy but ONCE and will tell the story later so hang on hehe. I am the kind of person who trust a person without any doubt, even with friends what you see is what you get but if you broke that trust I would never care nor look at you as in talagang wala na. But in marriage pala we can't just say "that's it" or "this is it", we have to listen to one another and trust again and  again and again. I look as jealousy or selos as like a flame  that keeps the fire from BURNING HOT!! bwehehehe!! -wink-wink-
Hubby is not a jealous type nor I (well not much). His ex-wife is still living and I never get jealous because I am much 1000% prettier and younger than her bwahahaha!! Kidding aside hubby don't have…

ABC Wednesday : U for Upscale

My feature for this week is UPSCALE. Look at this house if this is not upscale (adjective) in Thesaurus --
upmarket, smart, exclusive, expensive, posh (informal), high-class, glamorous, classy (informal), chic, swanky (informal), ritzy (informal), prestigious
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I have never been in a house as huge and beautiful like this one. The one in the picture was taken at the back of the house this is facing the lake. Infront of the house is a swimming pool and the water is cascading down like waterfalls. It has all the amenities inside including a movie room. On the lake the owner has a boat house, a boat of course and 3 jet skies.  My hubby asked me if I like to live in this kind of house....with out batting an eyelash I said I love too LOL!!

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Couples Corner: Kiss and make-up

Yepey it's Couples corner again and this week theme is all about Kiss and make-up.
Ang sa akin lang is simple it won't make less sa ating pagka-asawa or sa ating pagka-babae ang mag say sorry sa ating husband. Don't pass the whole night without saying sorry or talking to him about what happened, by that he knew why we are pouting or sulking or giving him the silent treatment etc. Communication is a must in any relationship and saying sorry is a feather for a good relationship. They are worth it right gurls?

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