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Windows and doors 2

This is Zehnder's of Frankenmuth, Michigan where you can find really good food.

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2nd Time around:

These was taken last year during a trip to a garage sale.

                                    The pillows are a great buy it looks like it was not used. And those two cute sandals I sent it to my two little nieces in the Philippines,well because it is barbie they are so happy ^_^. If I remember it right I didn't spend that much really for these whole stuff that is why I am waiting to warm up to hit more garage sale this year. ^_^
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Color Carnival #43

Candies and colors!!
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2nd Time around: Candle shade

Last Sunday after church and eating brunch I asked hubby to stopped by at Goodwill. It's the only thrift store that opens on Sunday. I saw this beautiful candle shade, I am not really sure what is the name of this one but when I looked at it I knew it is beautiful. The price of this was $3.99 but it was 1/2 off if the tag is purple and it happened to be purple, I got a bargain with this one I guess.                                To see and join 2nd time around click  it HERE

Windows & Doors 2

I took this photos inside the campus of University of Kentucky, and these buildings are just among the many. Take a look aren't they old and pretty?
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Correcting vision

When I was growing up I saw my mother and aunts having an eyeglasses. They practically at least own one or two eyeglasses. Back then I told myself when I age I would never wear an eyeglasses. But the opposite thing happened. When I was in college I asked my mother to get me a pair of eyeglasses. The doctor gave it to me as an eye correction. But I don't like wearing it, I find it very annoying sometimes so I stopped wearing it. When I was in my late 20's and I already kind of abuse my eyes, I discovered that I can't see a far and I have a hard time reading a fine print. I said to myself it couldn't be I promised myself never to wear an eyeglasses. At that time I really didn't mind at all. But when I came here in US it was a different story. Sometimes I had to drive at night and that is too dangerous if I don't have an eyeglasses with me. Luckily, I found a very affordable eyeglasses aside from that it looks very cool. I was thinking why buy a very expensive on…

Dual Flush

Now what do you think I am talking here. Well I think you guess it right I am talking about the dual flush toilet that hubby just recently installed.  I first knew dual flush toilets when I went to a friends house. I noticed that they have a different type or kind of toilet. As soon as I get out from the restroom I asked the my friends husband what kind of toilet bowl they've got. So he told me about HET toilets and Low Flow toilets. I asked him if it is available in the stores and he said YES.
So when I get home. I told hubby about what I have just discovered lol! I was so persistent to change ours because it when you release the lever and if you don't put it back it release a lot of water as in continuously. So when I knew the problem I don't like it I am the kind of person who wants to save water in what ever it cost. DH knew the problem but because he is so busy sometimes he forgot that problem. So after I had the information about dual flush toilet I didn't stopp…