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ABC Wednesday-O

This photo was taken 2 or 3 years ago. This is one of the means of transportation in the Philippines. Isn't it OVERLOADED? But that's how it is over there. ^_^

                                                                  OVER THE moon
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This week subject is CHAIRS!

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LP:Publiko (Public)

This was taken on our yearly county fair. We don't have state fair because of economic reason but at least we had county fair. I forgot what's the name of this "derby" but I didn't  find it worth watching hehehe. I'd better go to the livestock area lol! Passing by I took a picture of the area and it's loaded with people.
This homemade soda pop booth is the busiest among the booths, I guess I knew why. This post is linked to LITRATONG PINOY

Color Carnival

This was taken last Winter and I am so impressed of this beauty. When I took this shot it was bitterly cold I had to lower down to take a good angle and when I took the shot and looked at it I don't have any regret at all. See what I've got.
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Weekend in Black and White

I took a photo of our faucet and change the color to black and white. 
Ain't that a spooky window?
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