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Mosaic Monday

For months I have not visited this blog. I decided the other day to again post here and here I am. First off, this week I am linking to Mosaic Monday. Here in America we can see our National flag waving at us ^_^. Then this year I visited New York then hubby and I these fall visited few beautiful places like Ludington, Traverse, Mackinaw, the thumb area in Michigan. Visiting towns that we only heard and some we haven't heard we passws or visit the place. It is very nice to visit our very own state before embarking to other places seeing barns in white, red or even blue are often very awesome site for me. Then you see and discover Michigan has plenty of lighthouses that I am very ambitious to round it up next year all 200 ++ lighthouse in Michigan (crossing my finger). As the adage says be your own tourist in your backyard hehe.

                                                     Linking to Mosaic Monday