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Sepia Scene-Wall decor

This is a wall decor made of brass
                                                                    A closer look
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Rainbow connection

Every time I see a rainbow featured by a blogger, I am always excited about it and I told them that since I came here in MI I haven't seen a rainbow!! Last Saturday as we drove heading home I saw a rainbow. It was not full and not so clear but at least it's a rainbow. And there is not only one but two, though the other rainbow is not that so clear. I was excited I thought the end of the rainbow is right smack at our house, you know how it is "at the end of the rainbow is where the pot of gold"!! ^_^

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Blue Water

Are you ready to dive in?
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My youngest niece birthday today!

Yay!! Today the August 13th is my youngest niece birthday. We call her AG a summary of her real name Angel Grace. I named all my three nieces Grace's because they are a grace from God. AG was born premature, she stayed at the hospital and in incubator for days. When she was born I was called immediately because "they" said that she might not make it. When I was in the hospital, in the nursery room with babies having problem (what is that room called?)  together with my SIL the nurse in the desk told us, which I won't never forget her's like this.."it's only prayer that the baby will survive", in other words my niece is between life and death? I don't understand it and I don't understand it why but at the back of my mind, she will survived she is given to us from God. So when we approached the incubator, looking at her so tiny, very fragile and with the nurses words my heart broke but I keep myself not to burst in tears. Instead I …

A pound of bacon giveaway

That's only a title but actually it's a gorgeous Hobnail milk glass beauty which I do really love. I started to collect this kind of glasses and every time I look at some of the bloggers who showed their collection I get excited. Now I am joining the giveaways of Happier than a pig in  mud come and join with us!