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Blue Jars 2

I found two more blue jars last week at SA and even if the other bigger jar is a bit expensive for me ($8.00), but I did bought it anyway. Since I already started to collect blue jars then so bit it LOL!!
              The middle one at the back and the bigger pot in front on the left side is my latest purchase.
                                               To see more blues visit here Blue Monday
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Today's Flowers#90

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT: Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

 This orchid is a gift from a friend on my birthday two weeks ago. I think and I do believe I have a green thumb because I see budding flowers all over. Visit and enjoy more flower photos at Today's Flowers.

Blue jars

I first spotted this blue jars in a garage sale. I was not into jars but I was kind of attracted to it immediately. So I did bought those jars and the candle holders and now I am trying to find more blue jars for my collection.                                         You've got to see more blue photos here at Blue Monday
                                                        And more stuff at 2nd time around

Old juicer

I don't know what year this juicer had made. But I am so sure this is kind of old.More red photos at Ruby Red Tuesday here!

Windows and doors 2

Every hour on top of the tower there is a play going on, the bells will ring and those tiny dolls starts to play. It is really awesome to watch.                                                 Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth, Michigan.
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