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Color Carnival: Colorful cupcakes

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Windows & doors 2: Inside the library

Taken inside the University of Kentucky library

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Need a new phone

It's been a year now that I am only using a pre-paid phone. Good thing we have a house phone so if friends call me they had to call our house phone because I for sure won't answer my cellphone lol! Today, I was sorting our bills and I found out that DH contract for his phone is already done this month wohoo! So I suggested to him why not we both gonna transfer to metro pcs because I found out that they do have good phones and have plenty of plan options. Hubby is not into super high tech cellphones, he told me what he need a hardy phone not a cellphone that easily get broke. He works all the time in his pole barn and he constantly drops his cellphone, that is why he asked me to find a very good one. I for myself I like to be high tech hehehe, the one that you can check your emails or your other social network. I am not into texting but I like to surf on the internet. We are so ready to change and go to any metro pcs store but because of this winter storm we might as well go to…

Macro Monday - Marbles

My entry for this week is all about MARBLES!!

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What is your talent

Yeah, do you have a talent that through all this years you yourself is hiding? Every time I watch people dance, sing, play piano, or even making good in their chosen sports, I always say it is written in their bones that they are are good at it. That means they have talent and it was born with them. I so love to sing and when I was young my father has this ukelele and every night he likes to strummed with it and we accompany with him. When my brother was a teenager my father bought him a guitar and that is when he knew how to play guitar. But what my mother and brother loves to do is to play a piano. But they don't have a formal training on playing a piano so they only rely on what they hear and they tried to play it along. But it is kind of hard my cousin who graduated in a degree of music teach us how to play accompaniment piano by that my cousin said it would be easy. So then my brother encourage my nieces and nephew to learn how to play piano because he thinks that they can ad…

The cow

I'd like to think this is a cow because the water buffalo or Carabao has bigger and stronger horns. My nieces had a ball riding these cow with the help of our neighbor.
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CC: Plans for Valentines day

I am back in circulation ^_^. Was busy and my laptop crash so had to buy a new laptop. I don't know what to do if I don't have an internet or any access to outside world ^_^
Since Valentines day falls on Sunday, hubby and I will go to church first and after that we are going to have our lunch date at Fuji Japanese buffet. I already told him about my plan and knowing my DH he never said NO! Last year I choose to stay home and just cooked because of the weather too it was too bad last year. Now I feel not cooking and I feel like we gonna have a date somewhere. Another plan that we gonna have is to eat a lot of chocolates after our lunch time. You know what that means huh!! ^_^                                                  More Couples Corner entry HERE

Grayhawk Real Estate

I think it would be just another month and Spring will be here. Frankly, speaking I can't wait to see green grasses and trees, sprouting flowers and even to see bees and butterflies flying around the yard. But to think that I live here in MI, Winter is almost as long as six months. Sometimes Spring is still cold that I don't like cleaning my garden ^_^. Last Saturday night my SIL's son and daughter in law left for Arizona. My SIL has a trailer home there, that they renovated and make it bigger  but nobody lives it there for now because they are here in MI and  she and her husband were stucked here for health reason. Anyhow, my SIL's son is looking for a great place in AZ, he said that it is about time that if Winter time comes we all gonna go south particularly Arizona.  Today they arrived safely and right away they are looking for areas that are nice and of course that has a great neighborhood. They found  Grayhawk Real Estate as a huge business there, they will help …

Piano lessons..

When I was a kid my mother used to tell me a story that when she was young her Aunt has a piano and she saw her cousins play piano. My mom just watched it with gusto and wishing that she could learned how to play piano too. Well maybe because she has the interest to play piano she develop her sense of hearing and basically she knew how to play the piano by just listening the notes. Anyhow that also happened to my brother he could listen a sound and then he could play it in piano. But because my mothers parents don't have a piano and so do we both my mother and brother don't have the chance to make their dreams come true. Now my nieces and nephew do like to play piano and I told  them that they are going to enroll in a piano lessons. I was on the phone talking to them that they will be enrolled soon gush I heard them shouting with glee. I feel good for them because this time if they really have the talent they can now pursue their dreams and who knows they will be good at it.

Laptop is sick!

TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE IN BLOGOSPHERE I am SO SORRY IF i CAN'T VISIT YOU ALL THIS TIME mY LAPTOP IS SICK!! Just brought it to the repair shop and I DO HOPE THAT THE MOTHER BOARD IS NOT THE  PROBLEM. Thanks for coming this way and I do appreciate you all for understanding. THANKS

I am only using my DH's computer ,can't stay any longer though.

Take control..

Have you wonder who controls our body? I think it was not the feet or the eyes right? I guess you are right with your guess yes it is the brain. It is very important that we have to use our brain hehe or else we ended up somewhere else where there is no way to return. ^_^ In any machines, airplane, cars or even space shuttles there are many controls that makes a certain movement to do so. Like today we came from Kentucky and hubby use the acceleration switches to make the car move fast or slow down in case the road sign says so. It does happened to aircraft too they have crush switches so to speak and disturbance switches so not to make any moving machine or airplanes or aircraft be damage that easy. For me I just wonder how they do make all of these things it is just awesome to think that it came out from the vision of a person and materialize in the hands of a man.