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Orange Yellow Rose

When you plant something in later months or years you will see the result of your effort. Last year hubby and I went to a Rose show and bought three flowers in different colors. Well this year they are blooming lots of flowers. Today two are opened up and this one is about to open get my camera and I had a good time photo shooting.

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Shades of Blue

Spotted this bar and had to take a photo...see the different shades of blue? And I like the sign too Beer and Wine To Take out! Ain't that awesome?!! Hehehe!

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I have not been in this store for awhile. Cracker Barrel is one place I like to go eat and do a little bit of shopping ^_^.

Outside the store they had these rockers...
                                                 It says handcrafted in the USA, perfect!!!

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Macro Monday

I call this orchid Tiger Me. The dotted design on the petals is pretty unique and the color is stunning! Found this orchid while visiting Singapore Orchid Garden.

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Friday Fences

Sentosa, Singapore
My dream of vacationing Singapore was just a dream. Until last April I was vacationing Philippines when a friend ask me if I want to go with her to Singapore. I was glad she invited me I did not hesitate to say yes and so off we go to Singapore and stayed there for four days. These are some of the photos I took.

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Purple Iris

I got very excited yesterday because the Iris that I planted last year bloom this year. And what makes me very excited because the color of this Iris is awesome! It's purple and I so love these color. Together with my chives my flower garden this year is purple-ish!

My Chives

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