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Friends and I went to get ice cream after our lunch today (Cooks Dairy Farm). This is at the back of the barn it smells not good lol!

                                                    Linking to Barn Charm and Mosaic Monday


I visited Philippines last March-April and it was  summer there. I remember growing up when it is summer it is kite time. I remember we have to go to the school ground and fly our kite there but now the school ground is close for safety purposes so what my nieces and nephew do together with their friends is to go to a rice field. One time I went with my nieces and nephew and there I had a good time flying my kite too.

                             These kites are made from garbage bag and little bamboo stick

                                                              All the kites are up in the sky

                                           Me enjoying my kite.   Linking to Our World Tuesday

My Asiatic Lily

I call this Asiatic Lily as my glowing asiatic lily. They are still blooming thankfully and many are still coming out!

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