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Other bedroom

Spring is definitely here. And today since the weather is really beautiful I was thinking of cleaning the bedroom which nobody is staying and I made it now as my computer room. But I don't like the idea that this bedroom became a computer room. I am thinking what if a friend came or a visitor comes where would I put them right? So today I was thinking of cleaning it and trashing those things that I don't need. Then I realize that I don't have enough beautiful Bedroom Furniture for this spare bedroom. Unlike, in the master bedroom we have Traditional Bedroom Furniture which hubby and I choose. Good thing that we are in the same  wave length in choosing furnitures or else it would be a mess lol! Anyway, because I do want to finish what I am planning hubby suggested the other day that I may settle the Cheap Bedroom Furniture for it. I don't like to disagree because he is right in so many ways. But it is not because it's a spare room it's cheap but it also doesn&…

Update on my bathroom

It's Monday and we have beautiful weather today. The weather forecaster says that tomorrow's temperature will gonna reach to 86-89F that is hot!! Anyways, I like it though after the long period of Winter. Yesterday, I was nagging to hubby about our bathroom. He finished doing the tile work last year and I did the painting and it turns our really gorgeous. But what is lacking are the Bathroom Cabinets that I so like to put inside as the finishing touches to my  gorgeous bathroom. But then I am juggling from what to buy. Do I have to get the Contemporary Bathroom Vanities or the Linen Cabinet style because both them are gorgeous and they are just my type or kind of style. But I told hubby to finish it first, and I would decide what to buy  because for now, I am again thinking of changing the paint lol! That is why we need to finish the bathroom so I would have my Bathroom Cabinets install right away. And that would make me happy!! ^_^

2nd time around

Last Friday I went to many sub-sale here in my area and I got what I like to have ^_^.

 I bought this two planters box for .75 cents each and I bought top soil and some flowers. Instead of buying for a box of plants for $24 or $39 I'd rather look for a cheap planters box and made my own. Here is the result of my .75 cents planters box from garage sale.
Can't wait for more garage sale, rummage sale, flea market etc to come. Because here I come the 2nd time around diva!! More of 2nd time around photos here.

Color Carnival

This was taken last year.
                                            More colorful photos visit COLOR CARNIVAL