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The sky

Took this photo yesterday and find if very beautiful!

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I need a playstation

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was in my friends house last Saturday for our monthly friends movie night. But before we watched the movie we had where playing their new PlayStation(R)MOVE.
We had a lot of fun we almost forgot to watched the movie we prepared. My favorite was the start the party and and of course my favorite sport bowling. I never told my friends that I love bowling so when I get strike and spear all the time they are confuse they think that is only a luck haha. Anyway, we played and compete hard, and what I do love PlayStation(R)MOVE they have a lot of choices. But I do really insist of playing the bowling the number one thing because it's my favorite. As we played, I noticed that we bonded so much that night. We didn't gossip hehe, though we ate a lot but playing the bowling it takes the calories away.
After that experienced, I told my hubby that I am going to write to dear Santa Claus t…

ABC Wednesday-J

It's sure a JUNKYARD

Kids love to JUMP

I missed my niece.

I've not been talking with my niece lately because she done bad things to us. For the past days I've waited for her answer to my questions but she only texted me that she is sorry and that's it. I want to know a lot but she is not open to it. Her Uncle which is my brother told me that she is back home and I am glad for that. But I also decided that she is going to stopped going to school this year and maybe next year. Not unless she will re-connect with me and I will learn why she did what she did then I might change my mind. Her father my brother in law told my brother that he wants her to stay at his place, since her paternal grandmother and her Aunt and Uncles are there too. I didn't hesitate to say yes because I think it is about time for them to get to know her and let them bond too. But I do missed her, bad.

Weekend in Black and White

Found this bird house on top of a post.
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Weekend in Black and White

A log cabin
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Need a promo code?

Before I buy something I always see to it if I could save a little. I guess I could say that I am a saver diva, though sometimes I also take a plunge but 98% I am a saver. When I get here in the US I found out that there are ways and means to save more. Aside from all the sales discounts that you can get first hand there are websites that offers promo codes. Just like keywordspy promo code that what my step-daughter always go to if she bought something. And as always she gets home smiling because she save big time. In this time that we feel economic down turn it is just right to save a lot!! And this site is just awesome!!


My Rednesday this week is this bowl from GW can't resist I bought it!
It's the time of year where fruits and vegetables are abundant. And when it's locally grown that is the best. Fresh picked Peaches!

                    I call this one Autumn tree!! Look how beautiful the leaves turned into beautiful colors!
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