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Bamboo Bridge

Several days I've spent  days in the mountain. The first time my brother, nephew and me climb the mountain we saw this bamboo bridge. When I saw the bridge for the first time I was hesitant to cross I guess you understand why. See it for yourself. ^_^

That's me and my nephew. We got to the middle part when my brother took a photo of us.                                                            Linking to SUNDAY BRIDGES

Coconut Tree


Barn Charm

Blogging from Philippines here is my Barn Charm for this week.

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Miramar Bridge

Miramar is the name where nature swimming pool is located. I like the place because they preserved the falls and they construct swimming pools on the side. But people like to feel nature and could not blame them I too love it there. ^_^

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Growing Up

For two years that I have not visited Philippines my nieces and nephew grew big and fast. I wonder where the time goes it's like yesterday that I carry them and hold them now they can do on their own. Life is so fast I want to spend a lot of quality time with them because someday they will have a life of there own and it is about time for us to let them go. That time would be painful but still they will remain as my babies forever!

Air Supply

These morning me and my brother were driving around the city. It so happened that one of the tire has lacking of air so brother went to this shack and for 5.00 pesos we had an air supply! ^_^

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Grown up!

I was surprised when I saw my nieces and nephew already grown up. For two years that I have not seen them the changes is phenomenal. We almost have the same height and they are teasing me telling me that few more years and I will be shorter. ^_^

Nieces and Nephew

This vacation was a surprised for my nieces and nephew. I told my brother not to tell them because I wanted to surprised them. Indeed, they were shocked and very surprised! I was at the airport door my brother saw me immediately. He called the kids and pointed at me...he asked them who is that person nephew and nieces just looked at me and they never identify me right away. It takes them minutes until my other niece blurted's Mama Kim!!! And they all screamed for joy and ran towards me. Of course, they cannot cross beyond the gate so I handed them my laptop and camera bag and went again inside to get my two luggage's. It was fun looking at there faces very surprised. But I was also surprised because they are all grown up my nephew is as tall as I am. How time flies so quick for two years I have not see  them and now they are big and grown up. Love them!


Backyard birding is fun. Just these past few days I saw Bluejays I have been waiting for this bird to come I thought it would not come again after it flew through the window I bet he got dizzy and shock after that awful crash. But it made me laugh out loud and I was scared too I thought somebody just bombed our house hahaha.

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