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Here is my macro shot for this week!
                                     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
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Burberry rain boots

Wow Christmas is over and everybody had opened their gifts. Some love their gifts and some don't. That's why we have to keep or save the receipt so who ever don't like their gifts could return it or change it. I got my gifts from hubby and I love them all.  This coming December 30 will be our 6th wedding anniversary and what I do love to get is a burberry rain boots. Yup that is what I do love to have for now. Here in Michigan either you get a lot of snow or a lot of rain. When I saw for the very first time a friend of mine wore her  Burberry check rainboots I fell in love immediately. I didn't hesitate to asked her where she bought it so she told me she bought it online. This morning hubby asked me what gift I want for our wedding anniversary and I told her a rain boots but it should be Burberry ankle rain shoes or Burberry rainboots. And he said that's it? I said yes that's it. ^_^ Well he knew that I like to have a lot of gifts for  I love opening gifts. But w…



Their Christmas Party

Last Monday after my nieces and nephews exam they had a Christmas party. The next day my brother send me through Facebook the photos he took that day. I am always happy to see them. My nephew is getting big and my two nieces are so sweet to each other lol. I love their dresses and what I am thankful is that they are healthy and they are happy.

                                              My two nieces with one of their classmate.

Tom's of Maine

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine. Hello everyone!! What's going on at your place right now? On my side, we are bitterly cold but thankfully we are not snowing wohooo!! That is a bit of change here in Michigan because usually we had tons of snow even before Thanksgiving.  I was at my friends house the other day and stayed there for a while and we are talking about a lot of topics that we could think of. One of them is about hygiene. As a woman and having a family we all want to have a good hygiene and that means we should smell good to people. And that most specially is our breath. I remember when I was in high school it was the time when everything is chaotic lol!! I become conscious of my body and most specially the body odor. That time we don't have the choice of what to buy for a toothpaste or mouthwash. Well my mom of course buy the usual commercialize brand but she didn't know that there are toothpaste that…

Pier 1 my favorite store

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine. If somebody would ask me what is my favorite store without batting an eyelash I would answer it's PIER 1!! I'm about 15 minutes away from this awesome store. And every time I am in the area I'd dropped by and looked around and oftentimes come out from the store with something on hand lol! My last visit was the longest I guess. Hubby had to go find a store that he could sit down and drink coffee and wait for my call hehe. While I was inside Pier 1 Imports I was overwhelmed by how beautiful their products are. Take note I always come in this store but I always get surprises. This time of year is so festive as I looked around I already found some good stuff for holiday gifts .  Before we go to the store I already told my husband that we are going to host a dinner party for our family this year. And it would be on the day of Christmas day. And  because of that my list for must have…

Weekend Reflection

Thankfully, yesterday the sun was out. I immediately looked around the house that has a good reflection from anything and I see this one.
                                In the reflection you see four round "thing" what do you think is that?
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Apple dance

Last month my cousins son is having his birthday and the picture below is part of the games that they had. The name of this game is apple dance. The longer the dance the funnier it would become. Take a look.

NMEDA will help

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was in the Philippines I have known people who are disabled. What is wrong is that they don’t have any access to go around or move around inside and outside of the house. So they are in bound in the house 24/7! So what you expect to these people to react about life when they only see the four corners of the house and nothing else. This makes me feel sad because even if they are disabled they are still talented and they are good in some of the skills. When I arrived  here in the US six year ago I found out that some people are still not able to go around as they used to do.  And why is that because they don't have the utility to do it. My DH has a daughter who is suffering sclerosis. She was bound in her house since she had the accident. It was the result of the accident why she had it. They took her for so many therapies and such but to no avail. She was a woman with a lot of potentials …

Men don't ask you need NAVTEQ

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine. Hubby and I love to travel and so far we traveled at least 10 states. One time we went to Indiana to get the tractor that he bought online. It was his first time to be in this state and you know what as far as my eyes could see it's all corn fields and it's flat land. We've been looking for this certain road but we couldn't find it. It was already getting dark and we passed this party store/ gasoline station and I suggested hubby to asked somebody but he won't!! What's the  matter with this men they don't want to ask and frankly speaking we are already lost. So I myself decided to ask the man inside the party store and he happened to be a cop, thank gracious!! And because of that we were able to find the road and the house that we were looking for, for hours!! And because of that experienced I really told hubby that we have to be prepared and we should always have a  ma…