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Timeshare Rentals

The first time I came here was ten years ago and it was in fall so for a lass coming from tropical country to a very cold place is so new to me. After a week here, a Filipina invited us to her house and we talked about things that are so new to me. Then I heard about timeshare. It was my second time to hear the word timeshare since my stepson has it. I asked a lot of question about timeshare but never thought or nobody around me talks about Timeshare Rentals.
I love to travel I drool over people who could visit places in a speed. For me traveling makes you street smart as I call it. This year hubby and I are talking about traveling to other states since he had not been to other states and there are fifty states here in the US it will take us time to travel all the states. When I learn about Timeshare Rentals I urge hubby to look at the website and he did. Here is what he found out about Timeshare Rentals.

1.   Many places and hotels/resorts offer Timeshare Rentals.

2. The price is li…

Floating Heart

Last Saturday we went to our friends house for a birthday party. When we went home it started to snow again amidst all the snow already piled up on the ground. While on the road I took pictures of the on coming traffic and buildings that has beautiful lights. Then I got this...I did not realize this until I uploaded all my photos in the computer that night. I call it floating heart..

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Sweet Treat

Here is my sweet treat for my hubby last Valentines day. You see we don't eat too much sweets like cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc. So when I went to this awesome sweet bakery I choose to buy small portion of cheese cakes, canoli and cupcakes.

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Lots of Snow

We are still having snow and yes my question is where we put all the snowwww??? I am so ready for spring I cannot wait to do a lot of spring cleaning if I can hehe.

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The Wine

Today is ground hog day and I have not heard any news if we are going to have an early spring or not....

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