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It's Cyber Monday!

Are you done shopping last Black Friday? Or are you looking forward today the Cyber MOnday? I prefer to do online shopping and get the deals and navigate all the website that I wanted to shop today. I wanted to shop online about laptops and how to do it, you must have a guide on shopping a laptop or a computer or else you ended up frustrated and ready to ship back the stuff that you purchase.
Laptop or computerbuying guide is a must specially to us people who don't know much about laptop and computers. Right now I am looking this particular site that has  everything that you want for this holiday season. What you do is just to go to the page and voila you don't need to go to any site because every thing is in there and the bonus part is that they are always on SALE so come on guys lets do shopping!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

To all my friends here in blogosphere thank you for dropping by, I will take 2 days off for tomorrows Thanksgiving day. I have at least 10 people coming and I am preparing as early as today. So see you the next day and will surely visit all your site as soon as I can -wink-wink-

Couple's Corner : Misunderstanding

Yay, it's Couple's corner again and I am excited to write something here. 

This topic is about misunderstanding...hmmm we have a lot of that through the years specially the misunderstanding that comes from me. The instance that I remember is when I started to learned how to drive. 

First off, I don't want to drive and I don't like to drive my brother back in Pinas already told me that driving here in America is a must not a luxury,  he is willing  to teach me how to drive eh I don't like and I told him a lot of alibis telling him that his car is stick shift, the traffic in our place is unacceptable, too  chaos blah blah blah. So I ended up not knowing anything. When I got here I found out that I really need to drive. Then the driving lesson starts, ang hirap pag the one who teaches you how to drive is your husband a simple high pitch of his voice I ended up crying and sulking at the corner inside our bedroom, pouting, and not talking to him. One time after we came fr…

Couple's Corner-First year of being married...

Okey let me think of our first year of being married. First off, it was different like I have said I've been single  for 38 years and being single that long I became very independent, very opinionated, I own my time, very systematic, everything is always planned "my way"  lol,   and so sometimes I forgot that in some decision we both have to agree hehe. But hubby is very loving person he never cut me down or (even until now) say negative words at me. That is why it was not hard for me to adjust the married life he is with me all the way and give me the understanding and patience that any man could offer to a "spoiled bratty" wife lol!!

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Couples Corner #5 - The day we said I do.

After two years of chatting over the internet and another year of waiting for my papers to be approve I came here in US with my hubby accompanying me. I arrived here in US November 12, 2004 it was Fall so after we got out from the airport I felt so cold since that day was so chilly and windy.
I was in fiancee visa and in fiancee visa you have to get married within 3 months since you arrived. That time my hubby's mother was sick of cancer and later die the next month so we didn't plan a grandeur wedding we don't have time I guess lol!! We got married and exchange I do's in the court of Independence county court. With us who witnessed our marriage are the brother and two sisters of my husband with their respected wife and husbands. Before we went inside the court room we were seated at the lobby's seats because the judge has an arraignment going it. I don't know what I feel then my mind is somewhere it was like for 38 years of being single this is the time when …

Couples Corner #4: Marriage Proposal

May 16, 2003...My first time I meet my hubby (then my fiance) at NAIA after 2 years of chatting over the internet. In  those 2 years he sends me gifts, pictures and we chatted every day except Sunday. When he told me that he is coming and will stay for a week I was extremely happy. I was excited to meet him in person and to know if those 2 years that we spend chatting is all worth while. That night of May 16, 2003, by the time I saw him and our eyes meet it was automatic that we sealed our smiles with a kiss.
We are in the parking area in NAIA and we just hold hands and kiss from time to time but doesn't say any words at all couldn't say anything much I was just so thrilled of everything. It was true those sayings that if you happen to meet a person and if he/she is destined for you YOU KNOW IT. I can't explain but it was there inside my heart but didn't say anything eh Filipinang dalaga po tayo.
When we were at the hotel, my niece and my friend where at our room and …