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Spring has sprung at Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. The most awaited Spring is here and people including me are excited to their Spring cleaning, purging some stuff that they don't want and most  of all shopping!!! Yesterday, the weather was good and hubby and I were outside the house doing some cleaning at the deck and the driveway. I asked him to bring out our deck table and chairs but to my disappointment the umbrella was ripped off and the chairs are badly damaged because of too much snow. I told hubby right away it's time for me to shop at  Pier 1 !! Yup, you all hear it Pier 1  is my one to go shop to find for good and colorful stuff and that includes outdoor papasan chairs. Before, I first saw papasan chairs  I thought it is very uncomfortable to set down. So I just didn't mind it when I happened to see it at Pier 1. Then I happened to see it at my step daughters house and I did really asked her if it's comfort…

Straight out of the camera Sunday

An angel watching over you!

                                                                          The Moon

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Signs, signs

This is the theme this year at church, Bloom where you are planted. Our Rel. Ed. director gave us marigold seeds. We had pots and soil and we let the kids plant it.

                                                             Bloom where you planted

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Kids sack race

Last Easter Sunday a friend of mine host an Easter Sunday dinner and she prepared games for the kids. One of it is the sack race. The kids do love it and they had all the fun though the weather is not too warm and it's not too cold which is good.

                                                           They had fun last Sunday!
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Horse riding lessons

Guest post written by Tim Caldwell
Just like me, my son is a really big fan of western movies. Except, unlike me he really wants to learn how to ride a horse. I rode a horse once when I was younger than his age and it was a traumatic experience for me so I'm not wanting to repeat that. But I want that for him, so I told him I would do a little research about it. I went online to do a little bit of research and find some really good horse lessons in our area. When I was doing that I found the website www.satellitestarinternet.comand looked through it some. It had some good satellite internet packages on there, so I decided to order one of them for our home internet service. One thing that I was looking for in horse lessons is ones that teach you in the western style like you see in western movies. I knew that's what he wanted, so I'm still working on finding some lessons in that style so that he can live out his cowboy dreams.

Watery Wednesday

One of my drive by shooting.

                                         There is no such thing as to live this world alone ^_^

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I missed my niece...

It's Saturday night here in Michigan and while I am playing games here in Facebook and feeling of missing my niece who is 21 years old struck me. Yes she is in her right age and she didn't finished her nursing course (she is already in her 3rd  year) she said that she like Criminology better. But she didn't told me that on my face  rather she started to get rebellious and I didn't know that until she didn't start to attend school last semester. Me and my brother was in panic trying to figure out what was wrong or where do we go wrong so we found out what it was she doesn't want to continue her nursing. Because of that I told my brother to tell her that we are going to sent her to her father in Baguio city and she said she wanted to look for a job. While she was in her father's town she get bored after awhile so she told me she is going to Cebu to find work because in Baguio there is nothing that she can do there. Now she is in Baguio and is in training for a…


I really like to see my brother and my nephew go their bonding together. The other day they went to the mountain where are house help live. His place is in the mountain I even haven't been to that place but my nephew and my brother often go there if they want to buy native chicken or young coconut ^_^. This morning I saw on my brother's FB account that he posted photos. I was excited to see it and I just chuckled and giggled because I see my nephew already very big. Two years ago he was so thin and small now he grow up a big boy hehe. Here are some photos that I like to share.
He didn't ride a horse or a pony? Lol! But him and my brother ride a motorcycle to reached this place. This horse is a good helper to farmers who lived here. Seems like the horse is very tired do you think? Looks like he likes his trip to the mountain.

Texture Twist

I came to this creek while visiting my step-son. It was winter when I took this and with a little texture and everything it came out really pretty!!

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Home made kite

Growing up every Summer in the Philippines we make our own kite or "sapi-sapi".  We make it from newspaper or plastic bag then a glue and a coconut stick. I used to watched it with my father and my brother making the kite and now my brother is the one doing it for my nephew and two nieces. My kuya Gino as what my brother told me teased my brother while he was making the kite, that the kite won't fly. When it was done my nephew Gino were so happy he can't contained his smile and laughter because first time he flew a kite made by my brother. What makes me happy is the bonding between my brother and nieces and nephew. It's summer there and in the Philippines it's time to play, play till you drop!! And my brother wanted them to enjoy a normal kid and experience what we experienced when we were young too. Here are some of the pictures....                                  He tried to make it fly....and  it did!! See it here My Kite Flew
 See how ingenious people in t…

Barn Charm

I hope you like my Barn Charm