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Red Barn

Another Red Barn in our area.

                                           I like this short silo.  I wonder what they put inside.
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Photo Hunt

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The Barn

Do you see the flag pole?
                                                                              I see it now here. I think this is my first to take a photo of a barn that has a flag pole with of course, the USA flag. Awesome.

                   I wonder if in spring and summer the wines that covered the silo are the wild grapes ^_^

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For You

This is for you!

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Friday Favorite

My first time to join here. And I like to put some of my favorites every week here. My favorite for this week is the earring and necklace hubby gave it to me as present last Christmas. For more than five years he had not given me any jewelries and last Christmas he surprised me with these two. ^_^

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Lighting Fixtures

The first time I came here in the US, I am amazed how many lamps my MIL owned. After she passed away, my sister in law gave us almost all her lamps. That means I have many lamps now. However, I do not have regret about it because I like lamps especially at night when I turn them on it looks great. My concern for now is the lighting fixtures on the ceiling most especially in our master bathroom and outside. I have been nagging hubby about changing the lighting fixtures but he does not do anything yet. This morning a friend of mine called me and told me that she bought new lighting fixtures for her whole house. Yes, she changes all her lighting fixtures to dale tiffany lighting and tiffany lighting.  She added to say that Currey & Company also had an enormous selection of lighting fixtures that she was thinking of putting it to her cottage up north. I did not hesitate to ask her to show me the photos. She showed me the photos and voila my jaw dropped right away it is very pretty! I…

Zip Line

My hometown  (in the Philippines) has a Zip-line already. My nephew with my brother went on top
 of the mountain to try the Zip-lining. My nephew with a white hat he seems look very excited and not scared.

                                            Have you try Zip-lining? Do you like to try?

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The Barn

Another barn I have spotted last week. I like the two circle on top it looks like somebody is watching Yah!

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Blue Sky

After the yellow sunset the horizon change to beautiful blue.
                                                Another beautiful sky color in just minutes.

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Put it Up.

I have been bugging hubby about our ceiling lights. Three ceiling lights are not working.  I wanted him to change it before fall but he is very lazy to do it. Yesterday we were at the store and I remember we need a new flush mount ceiling lights . I went to the aisle where the lighting fixtures were displayed. I pick the one that I like and immediately put it in the cart. Hubby was smiling and tickled that he thought I am very determined this time to put the ceiling lights. When we get home, he put the three ceiling lights right away and now I have a good look at the beautiful things inside our house. Before it was a bit, dark and I do not like that.  I think it is because our eyes get strain easy. 

Promises for little ones #2

Don't be afraid, 
                      for I am with you.
                     Do not be dismayed, 
                       for I am your God.
                     I will strengthen you.
                         I will help you.

Isaiah 41:10



One of those moment when you saw a beautiful sunset you forget your surrounding. But then when I looked at my right side, another flaming reflection I saw on the travel trailer. I squeal lol!! Time to take photos again! ^_^

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Love Walgreens Saving Club

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Barn Charm

Yesterday hubby and I went to Casevill, Michigan. I am asking him that I like to see the water. Caseville is located at the thumb part of Michigan and when we get there it's cold but the sun is out. The town is quite unlike in summer and of course the marina are close. We found a place that I could take a lot of photos with the water that is not moving because it's freezing! ^_^ Going to Caseville we see many barns, old, new, dilapidated and worn out. So here is one of the example.'

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In the Catholic church tomorrow is the end of the Christmas season. Today we are celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord. Right now I am watching the Baptism of 16 infants as the Pope celebrated the Holy Eucharist. I remember when my mom showed me the photos when I was baptize. I was baptize on May 15, 1966. I have only one god-mother and nine god-father.  This morning, as I was watching the Pope baptizing the 16 infants in Sistine chapel my mind is remembering all my god-children. Since early 90's I already became a young god-mother. I think my first god-child is already married now, unfortunately I have no communication of the parents (a friend) since they live far away from my home town. But though I have not seen them all the time they are always in my thoughts and prayers for that is one of the role as a god-mother to a child, to keep them in our prayers. What about you do you have a picture of your baptism? How many god-children you have? 

Bukidnon, Philippines

My brother went to Davao City for a police training. On the way home he passed several provinces. He passed the province of Bukidnon, Philippines and this is the scene he captured.

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Promises for little hearts #1

                      He gives power to those 
                 who are tired and worn out;
                          he offers strength
                               to the weak.

                               Isaiah 40:29

Friday Photo Flashback

These photos was taken last year by my brother. My nephew celebrated his 11th years old at Regina swimming pool in out hometown in the Philippines. Can't be deny my one and beloved nephew is getting big soon he will be in high school, can't imagine it. He always be my baby boy ^_^

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