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My nephew is already 12

Time flies so quick my one and only nephew is already 12 years old. Last Monday June 20 was his birthday and since they don't have school they celebrate his birthday at the Regina swimming pool. He invited some of his friends which most of them are also neighbors. My SIL cooked spaghetti and some dish that for a 12 year old boy loves. I missed my Kuya G, his photos tells a lot though. He gained weight and he is already tall. I am thankful to God for showering my nephew good health and keeping him safe all the time. Love you Kuya Gino!!                                                    These are some of his friendships lol!

                               I wished I was here celebrating with you on your 12th birthday party.

                                        I know Kuya you are already getting bigger and bigger lol!! But you are always my little boy hehe!

                                                                     The foodah!

Kids in colorful attire

This costume is so colorful and they are doing tap dance. They look so cool!

Amanda's barbeque

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer
Texas is known for a lot of things, not the least of which is BBQ. I've always had a passion for everything in the kitchen, so when I moved to Austin a few years ago I decided it was time to turn that passion into a business. Amanda’s BBQ station was opened two years ago and business has been going really well… I'm actually surprised how easy it is to own my own restaurant! It took some time to get everything under control, from hiring staff to getting in all the equipment to looking for a better energy rate at since we are expending so much monthly because the giant smoker. I feel like I've finally found my calling, and my regular customers seem to be really glad I took this risk. I only wish I had done this many years ago, but for now I'm going to keep starting each day salting up a big pork butt and getting a fire going under the smoker. What a life it is I'm leading!

Have you been decline?

As we all know people carried credit or debit cards rather than cash now a days. For me it's easy to carry and you don't have to worry about the safety of yourself and your cash. Cash is easy to be stolen but the cards...well many got stolen too but if you are aware of the time that your card is stolen you could immediately phone your credit card and they can immediately stop the transaction if there is any. With millions of people using credit cards all over the world have you ever wonder how they do process each and every customers card? I had that thought before and one time I went to this favorite store of mine who sells gourmet food and I ask the owner how they gonna claim the payment since almost every one uses credit cards and from different credit card company. So he told me that if you are a business owner no matter how small or big you are you gonna have to have a merchant accounts. Because by that any transactions you made to the clients is much more better. I remembe…

Walgreens is my store

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I don't get sick more often.  I am not like my husband that when the season change he will start sneezing because he is allergic to dust, pollens etc. But I have one season that I have to be careful...the Winter. You see I came from a tropical country where we only knew sunshine and rain. When I get here in Michigan my body adjusted so much of the weather specially Winter. But I was not sick I just have to put on enough comfortable clothing and I am okey. It was Christmas time and hubby and I went to do shopping when we get home I felt tingling sensation on my throat and because of that I have to cough. That started my cough and cold and I was basically down the whole Christmas season. And that happened when I do shopping in Winter. I don't know why but I guess because many people are in the mall with different viruses lurking around.  Last December, we were at the mall t…

Signs, signs

You've GOT MILK!!
                                            Wild Acres. How wild it is I don't know ^_^

                                          Be careful here everyone is zooming like crazy ^_^

                                                        The chicken is welcoming you
                                                      Look for more Signshere                      

My house finch

Backyard birding is fun. I never thought that my simple bird feeders can attract beautiful birds that I even don't know the name or familiar with. But this Winter I really vow myself to take care of my backyard birds for I remember that I do have a bird pet when I was young. It was on a cage but one day it escaped. From then on I don't have any liking to have a pet even until now. This time it's different the birds are not in the cage for I don't like it too, I want them to be free, and I already reap what I sow ^_^ Since last Winter I see different kind of birds like this one. This is called house finch and I am amazed of the color. It's reddish on the head and brown on the body. God creation is indeed beautiful!!

                                                               My Ruby Red Tuesday

Deer loves green

Imagine if we don't have green around us. Like grasses, trees, and evergreens do we survive? Like the deer they love green because it's food for them. After a long hiatus of Winter and everything is covered with white we from the Northern part of the US can't get ourselves to see the lushness of trees and grasses and plants to be back in their foliage. See how the deer love green....too!!

                                      To see more green around the world go to Green Monday

A shy Robin?

I have one or two robins visiting my bird feeder. One day I spotted this one I sneaked behind the window and waited for this guy to face me. But what did  this Robin do is poop, hehehe, just didn't catch up with the pooping moment wish I did!! This Robin didn't dare to face me I think he is shy, ^_^

  Camera Critters