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It's yellow

Six more weeks and it will be Spring wohooo!! By that time I am kind of busy scratching (like a chicken) trying to find sprouting plants specially tulips and some other early plants and flowers on the ground. This year I am excited to see my dahlias, peonies and hollyhocks blossom once again. Last year I took a shot of my first ever Dahlia and never expected to see a humongous one. The saying "expect the unexpected" is what I  remember when I saw my first Dahlia. This picture is the bud, ain't that huge already.
The other day when it starts to warm up (25F that's our warm or heat wave here in MI lol) the snows on top of the roof started to melt, so it formed  long icicles. I so then thought of taking a picture for macro shot. When I saw the result in my camera the light from the window came out yellow, a great entry for MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY!! ^_^

Balikbayan box

Last November 6, 2010 I send one balikbayan box. I was told that it will not reached the destination by December 25 or New Year because that time was a peak season. And I so understand that. The company that I send to which name is Aerosend gave me a tracking number and I did tracked it down from time to time. The day I tracked it down again and it says there January 20 it reached the port of destination, hmmmm I don't have any idea what port it is talking about. If it is CDO port or Ozamis port. Anyhow, I called my brother to look if the box will arrive this week and my kids were so happy hearing that a box  that they are expecting for ages will be there soon, LOL!! Will I hope that they gonna deliver it immediately and how come it takes them forever to deliver it if it's already in the Port. I hope nobody is stealing or doing something with the box, my brother is a cop they will be busted if they do that ^_^

Choose Life

Right now I am watching MARCH FOR LIFE at EWTN channel. They have been doing this for 38 years, that's how many years since America legalize abortion!!
I was in my senior years in college when one time in our Social studies course our teacher showed us how to used all kinds of contraceptives. And that was like 26 years ago and I am so surprised because here in America they introduce it to the kids and teens!! At that time when I was in college I don't even understand why we have to used it and what for? What could a kid and teens think about it now too?  As the years came unfolding I became young adult, did work and with my two siblings got married some problems arises. My sister has a problem with her marriage and ended up separating her husband but  she became so depressed and out of reality since then. Then came another man of his life and they bore three beautiful children.  THESE made me thank God so much because amidst of her personal difficulty she didn't choose to AB…

Macro Monday-Cardinal

Do  you see the cardinal's eyes? He is looking at me!! And what about the seed?

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NMEDA would help

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. I've been very busy today I went to the library for a computer course. Yes, our library do this things for us free! And when I saw it on our local newspaper I grabbed the opportunity to be part of this program, and why not right? It's like when you are bound in your house 24/7. And with this Wintery weather it does makes everybody feel cabin fever you freak out for sure! And  this is what happened to my step-daughter right now. She had MS and she don't go anywhere may it be Winter or Summer. Every time we visit her we could feel that she is depressed and don't like anybody see her, to that point. It's kind of sad because before she got an auto accident she was fine, lively active woman. After the accident so many things happened to the point that she couldn't walk nor drive a car. And to live here in America every body should know how to drive a car or else you can't get…

Student uniform

My nephew and his classmates at one of their school activity. My brother took this shot and I am happy to see his classmates too. In the Philippines, students from day care to college wear a uniform. People can tell what school you go to by your uniform. And it goes with public or private school. I like wearing a uniform for a simple fact that I don't have to think what to wear the next day. And or I will get worried I keep on repeating my shirt or pants to go to school. 

                                                  My niece smiling, sitting at the middle ^_^

I want Tabasco!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine. Last New Year's Eve I had a good laugh ever! As I was preparing for the food that I and hubby are going to ate at the strike of 12 midnight, I noticed hubby was looking for something on the cupboard. I knew when he is into something because he looked everywhere and couldn't find what he is looking at lol! Since I am the queen of the kitchen, the master budget diva when we are in the grocery store, the arranger of all the things in the kitchen I knew where and what cupboard I put a certain dish or canned goods or any stuff. So when he got frustrated he couldn't find what he is looking for he asked me " do we have a chili sauce"? I told him yup it's in the second cupboard  where all the condiments are put up. But I think he couldn't find what he looked for he told me I couldn't find it. So I walked towards him and just a click on a finger I picked up …

Bright beginnings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine. This weekend I have to attend two baby shower party. This morning I was thinking what I am going to give. I don't like to give like clothing because I knew many will do that. One reason too is that babies grow like weeds and because they grow so fast some cloths won't be worn because it's tight or it won't fit them anymore. I also don't like to give baby formulas since I don't know yet what the parents plan to give for their new baby. So I asked hubby about what is the most thing that a new born or infant use too much and he said diaper!! Oh gush how in the world forget about it? Of course diaper is the most use thing and mind you it's also expensive hehe. I called my friend immediately and asked her what diaper she used and she told me it's bright beginnings diapers which I could buy on . I looked at it immediately and I knew why she loves this di…

Poor chicken

This two pictures that my brother sent to me makes me smile. Last New Year's eve my brother's family prepare food for midnight dinner. He bought two native chickens and decided roast it. When it is all prepared to be roasted my brother let the kids hold it and it was so funny makes me happy when I saw it.

                                                               Love those smile

Parent's choice

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine. Happy New Year to you all!! It’s good to see everybody again here in blogland and hope everybody had a good vacation.

One good news that came to our family this year is that we had a new baby born last January 2, 2011. She is the great granddaughter of my hubby and she is just adorable. When we visited at the hospital I immediately asked the mom if she already had in mind what baby formula she is going to fed. We are surrounding here and talking to her about what is the best for her and the baby and also to consider the money that they are going to spend for baby formulas. She didn’t know yet and so we told her to get a store brand formula   baby formula. It is known to have the same nutritional equivalent and natural benefits like - Prebiotics to help support baby's immune system - Milk-based nutrition containing all nutrients, vitamins and minerals for growth and development
DHA & …