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The Bridge

We were driving along interstate highways I found these bridges that are two and in three levels.
                                        I did not hesitate to take pictures I love the lines and structure.

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Hidden Playground

A secret children playground.                                                          Linking to FRIDAY FENCES and COLOR CONNECTION

Expand 'n Gro

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Yesterday I heard in the news that we are going to have a frost. I was in panic. My fruit trees like peaches and cherries are doing good all of the trees are blossoming there flowers. So when I heard that we are going to have a frost early in the morning I told hubby about it and immediately he put tarp on the shorter trees but those tall trees we just left it bare. This morning I went to the fruit tree area and I am kind of sad it looks like the flowers are fallen I felt sad. However, what can we do if nature did it there is no other way I can do but just accept the fact and hope for the best to come? This morning hubby notice that I am not in a good mood and he asks me what happen and I told him about my fruit trees. He told me I do not have to worry because nature has its way on making the trees and weather back to what is better for the tree. However, I hope it would not happen…


I have seen these trees in the middle of the water is that so pretty?
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I never thought in my wildest dream that I would shop for birds stuff. I always say to myself I would not buy anything for birds but then spring came and when I see birds hopping my empty and lonely bird hook and feeders I feel bad. So off I go yesterday to the store to do bird shopping galore. I bought Oriole feeder, 2 new bird feeders and for the very first time a bird bath. I bought different kind of seeds, oil sunflower, fried worms, peanut nuggets, nyler seeds. I put all my feeders yesterday and it does not take long few birds started to come by and I saw some birds flying by at the bird bath. I feel happy watching this tiny creatures. I cannot wait to see cardinals, Oriole, the yellow birds and hope more birds will come by because I have more seeds ^_^

I am over gaga looking for products Made in USA. I had posted several products made in USA in my blogs and this bird bath is one of them. If given a choice between Made in USA than to other, I would choose the Made in USA first.

Sunday Bridges

Bridge in the middle of no where. ^_^
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My Green

Shoot this at our backyard.  Another kind of evergreen do not know the name of this one.

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Good Time

I couldn't believe for two years that I have not visited Philippines my nieces and nephew are already grown up. When I was there last 2009 these kids (nieces and nephew) are tiny. Now just by looking at the photos they are grown up. These are the photos my brother sent to me. Hope to see them this May ^_^

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Friday Fences

This fence is just across the house of my BIL. The trees in San Antonio or the whole state of Texas are like this. I have not seen huge trees like our oak trees here in Michigan. Is it because of the kind of soil Texas has? In this subdivision some houses has fence some don't but every house has trees like this some are many some has a lot depending how huge is your property. ^_^

At Holiday Express Inn at Little Rock, Arkansas. They had an indoor swimming pool and it is well fenced for the safety of all. ^_^

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Barn Charm

Coming from San Antonio, Texas I took a lot of photos. It includes fences, ranch gates, some barns and many signs. But what happened last night, I accidentally deleted it all!! Yup I do not have photos yesterday that in fact I had more than 50 or 100 photos. Thankfully when we passed Arkansas I had few shots and it's the photos that was not deleted. I do not know if this is considered a barn but I have not seen so far a barn like the barn we had in Michigan.

                                     The building on the left is I think a barn too bad it is covered by trees. Taken Hope, Arkansas.
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Fish or Bear

Now I do believe everything is big or huge in Texas. We've traveling for hours and hours from yesterday and today and just this afternoon we reach here in Arkansas. Texas is huge I'd tell yah! ^_^ Anyhow, when we stopped at one of the rest stop somewhere in Arkansas I bought two key chain for souvenirs. I took close up shots and here it is.

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Friday Fences

This photo was taken at downtown San Antonio, Texas

                                                                   At River walk parking lot.
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Business Loans

What do you think these days? Is it easy to go to the bank and get a Business Loans? One time I went to an Oriental store, which the owner happens to be a friend of mine. She is talking about going back to work and closing her store because she could not get Loans for Small Business. It was the time when the start of recession happens and I was sad for her later I know that she did close her store and she go back to the working force.  These days it is hard to find job as well as making the business float. I remember when I was young I learn that USA is the land of gold and honey and this is the country were you have the chance to fulfill your dreams. However, do you think this label fit our country today? Last week, as I was browsing I found this Unsecured Business Lines of Credit easy to reach. Unsecured Business Line of Credit is a type of loan that Lendio offers to everyone who has the determination to make their dreams come true. I read somewhere that if we hit low somehow we ha…

Miss You All

Last month was my niece 10th birthday. That time they also had some activities at school. My brother sent me this photo of them and I truly missed them.

Lawn Spreader

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I live in Michigan for eight years now and every time a season change people had to do something with their lawns. Our front, side and back yard are huge for the fact that our property is ten acres wide. We are in the countryside and so do not have fences. One thing owning a huge property is maintaining the lawn. It has to look good and the grass should be all green. That is not the case with ours; I could see tracks from our trucks, car and other vehicle that cut through the lawn. One time I was watching our backyard I thought of how to make the grass look nice. Hubby says we need to plant it with the right seeds and with the right spreader. Hubby is not the kind of person who go for cheap things he buy things that last and therefore we do not have a spreader because he haven’t found one. Last week, we arrived here in Texas and found Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. His brother own…

ABC Wed- I


                                          Last Saturday at River Walk here in San Antonio hubby and I went to watch
                                                                               Tornado Alley    

                                      Memorial to the Alamo Defenders anIMAGE that everyone should see.
It was pouring rain when hubby and I went to Alamo. I didn't think of the rain but concern of my camera though but I have a mission to accomplish to find the name Daniel Cloud Tanya husbands ancestors fought here.

And then I found the name DANIEL WILLIAM CLOUD....wohooo I found it. For Tanya, here is what I promised, the name of your hubby's ancestor.

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Friday Fences

Happy Friday everyone. Right now hubby and I are still here in San Antonio, Texas. Hope the sun will be out and warm a bit because for three days we are here it's always overcast and  though it feels comfortable but I would like to see the sun here in Texas, lol! Here is my FRIDAY FENCES this week.

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