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I am talking Straight to you

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. It's been seven years since I arrived here in the US and as far as I could remember hubby and my cell phone are always in contract. When I found this kind of way I don't like it because for me it ripped off your right to change phone service when you want to. Then I discover for the first 2 years that we can't do anything but had to pay all the surcharges that they can put on you. Much so if you have a limited minutes you have to pay a staggering  50 cents pero minute and that is too much. I thought that business is between the owner and the customer and building a rapport and or loyalty is the main purpose of it but I guess not in this time? Well after years in phone contract, along the way I found in you tube a Straight talk of hook, line and sinker video and I was intrigue. I did research and discover more opportunity on how to slash half of your phone bills wh…


I was at my SIL's neighborhood and found Alpaca's in her across the neighbor barn. I get out from the car and started to walked towards the field. Lucky me the field is fence with wood because when the Alpaca's saw me they started to walked towards me too. At first it was cute but when I they were getting close to me it started a bit scary. But I started to take photos anyway, and the Alpacas only looked at me and just stared at me, lol!  Camera Critters

Texture Thursday

My contribution for this week Texture Thursday

Positive impact for Dad's

My nieces and nephew Dad weren't around since they were born. He was there for a short time but not all the time until he was gone. Now it's my brother who stand as a father to them and thankfully my brother is doing good at it. Here is an article that I read lately:

FAMILIES, LISTEN UP. According to a recent report published in the Journal Acta Paedriatica titled "Father's Involvement and Children's Developmental Outcomes: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies," a dad's active involvement in raising his children will have a positive impact on them. The authors Anna Sarkadi, Robert Kristiansson, Frank Oberklaid and Sven Bremberg based their statement from reviewing the conclusions of 24 studies regarding the family. The authors concluded that active fatherhood not only reduced the  frequency of behavioral problems in boys and psychological problems in young women; it also had a positive effect on the children's cognitive development. A father'…

Kids want to have fun

Here in Michigan we had tremendous high temperature. And this kind of play for kids made                                  them happy!!

                                 "Well I am thinking of what's gonna be like to drive this car ^_^"

                                                            " Darn....where is the key?"        
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Tracfone is the answer!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Since I arrived here in the US , hubby bought me this very beautiful cell phone and I was put in his same phone provider. For years, we are in phone contract and later I found out that there are some charges that is going to shocked you. Because, my family is in the Philippines, international calling is one of my reason why I had a cell phone in the first place. I didn't know that when you used the international service you have to talked to somebody and then they are going to put you on a long distance plan. As I said I didn't know that so I just dialed the number and talked to my family. When the bill came the surprised of my life came too because we had  to pay more than $200.  With that experienced I then begun to looked for more options. We were in this phone company for years but it looks like they don't gave us a better customer deal. I'd feel we are being s…

A hearty smile

These are my nephew and nieces. But I loved them like my own. And these smiles can make my heart melt and bring tears on my eyes. I missed them very much. Been two years that I haven't visited Philippines and as I see in these pictures they've grown up fast like weeds? ^_^  I jokingly told my brother that soon his household is full of 3 teenagers, whewww what a riot could it be huh? Hahaha!  So much as I like to enjoy them as they are like this age but I can't I am too far away and what makes me happy is to hear their voice and see them in photos. 




Tried to figure out what I can come up with letter B
                                                                an old BANK





                                                         BARN  and the BALER (hay)

  Friday My Town Shoot Out

Cherries and barn are red

Went to  Cherry picking the other day and I enjoyed it a lot! I got the chance to climb three trees and picked the ripest and the sweetest cherries and they are on top of the tree of course. My first time to come to this farm though hubby and I past this place once.
                                   This little barn is what you can see when you enter the parking lot

                         Inside this barn are old tractors and one old Ford I don't know the model

                                    If you picked tart cherries they could pit it for you but if it's the sweet cherries they don't pit because they said juice will come out.

                                          Ain't that sweet and juicy looking sweet cherries?

                                They make this little barn for the kids to play. How I wish hubby would make a little barn like this for me ^_^
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Got to have this colors

Yesterday was the last day of our Vacation Bible School at church and for our crafting we made candle making. It was fun the kids love the colors and so am I. And also now I knew how to make candles and it's just so easy I am going to make more candles for gift and who knows it would be a start of a business thing, right?

This was taken all yesterday. Friends of mine went for strawberry picking and I took some photos of what they got from the farm.
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Parents choice infant formula savings sweepstakes is here!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you been to the store lately? For me, I always go to the store at least once in a week to do some groceries. Lately, I found out that all the food, canned goods, baby food, clothing, dairies and drinks price goes up and I knew there is no returning of these prices. I was at Walmart shopping when I saw my friend carrying her new baby girl. We just held  a baby shower for her last month and now here is the new baby girl. She was at the baby formula, diaper, baby food section when I approaced her. She was surprised to see me there because Walmart store is a bit far from our house. Then I noticed that she bought many big cans of Parents Choice Infant Formula. So I asked her how's the price on this formula and she told me that it is cheaper than the other brands and it has the same nutritional value. She added to say that her new born daughter love the formula too she coul…