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Ganozhi Toothpaste

As we all know even our toothpaste has some bad stuff on it. Two "things" that I know of are the flouride and carageenan and if you google this two they are not good to ingest. So I look for natural stuff and found this one Ganozhi Toothpaste I become a member of DXN eight years ago when I attended their seminar and understand how mushrooms are good in our health. If you are interested on natural stuff visit these site DXN 

                                                Note: I am not paid to write on this product

Lingzhi Coffee

I have been buying this coffee for years. Hubby and I loves it becuase it has a mixture of coffee beans and mushroom. I have been a member of DXN for years now and I so love their products because they are all natural a pack cost $15.00 I think and has 20 sachets. One sachet can be used twice or thrice depending on how much coffee you want. I like it light because I am mixing my coffee with my holiday cream. ^_^ Anyone who is interested on this product here is their DXN website contact me if you like to be a member of this awesome products.

                                                  Note: I am not paid in this product