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Three or more

My first to join Three or more Tuesday meme by Gypsy Corner. And for my first entry I would like to feature my three "pamangkins" / nieces/nephew here. I have three nieces and 1 nephew but the oldest niece of mine is already in her early 20's  and seeking a life of her own now. So this three whom I really missed so much are in this photo. The start of school year for 2011-2012 will start next Monday and they are all excited. Good thing that they all like to go to school or else it would be a problem if one don't lol!!

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Boomerang Lilac

When I came here in the US I vow to myself to plant trees or shrubs or flowers or evergreens every year and I did. Unfortunately my three pear trees didn't make it  but my three peach trees are doing good. Aside from it my three evergreens are already tall and many of the flowers that I planted are already giving beautiful blossoms. This year I choose to plant boomerang lilac. Lilac usually only blooms in Spring and it will take only 2 or three weeks and they are gone. This boomerang lilac will re-bloom in mid-summer until Fall to frost. When I knew it I was interested right away. When our local nursery opened this Spring I went to see it and I did bought one. The price is costly but oh well I love to see it bloom and smell the heavenly scent.

                           My newly planted boomerang lilac. The color is more on pinkish than purple.

                 This is the color of our lilac behind our house. Hubby said his mother planted this many moon ago. This one is purple in …

Teenager soon

My kuya Gino will be teen-ager next year. His birthday will be this coming June 20 and he thought that I forgotten it, (he told me) but I told him  I would never forgot his birthday because he is my only little boy. 
Even if he grow into adulthood he will always remain my little boy. I have not visited my native country for two years now and I already missed them a lot. Thanks to the internet and the phone service I could talk to them or see them anytime.  This was taken when him and my brother and my SIL visited the school we graduated high school. My kuya Gino will go to this school soon when he is done with his elementary two years from now. 

Barn Charm

A very small barn I found inside the Windmill Island at Holland, Michigan.
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A visitor

The other day early in the morning hubby called me and told me to look out the window. There I saw this turkey!! First time I saw a turkey very close to the house. I think this turkey nested close by and looking for food. 
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Weekend Reflection

We had many puddles this week it rained all the time. Caught this  reflection at the driveway. ^_^

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Perfect credit score

When I first came here in the US I don't know what is a credit score. Then my hubby figure it out  for me and at  first I really don't like to use credit cards because I am used to buy things in cash. Then the next year I remember it was January hubby went to a website and took his credit score and he showed it to me. His credit score was almost perfect that's why he said that we have to build it nicely so we could have a perfect credit score. Then the economy came down and we became conservative in what to buy. But if we buy something we are so careful to pay it on time if we used are credit cards. Then hubby decided to buy a house when he discovered that there are so many houses out there that are in his price range which before we can't afford to buy, lol!! So we opted to loan to a bank as to finance us what was the amount that is left after we have our down payment paid. Then hubby also look for a good rate. What good thing that happened is that when they checked ou…

Barn Charm

This was taken last Winter. Haven't  gone to do Barn photo shooting the weather is not cooperating, heavy rain and cold wind is still here. But I am not complaining ^_^ Happy Barn hopping!! Linking this to                                                                        BARN CHARM

Good sign

Two weeks ago hubby cut three elder box trees at our yard. As I watched him cut on top of this huge track I noticed the side sign. I like it, it's pretty cool!! But wait a minute I am suffering now with color this truck color blue? Or green?
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                             Note: I think this is really blue. Okey so I am good with this meme ^_^

It's the time of the year...

Spring has sprung and everybody is excited to see beautiful flowers, the green grass, the trees and most of all the favorite of all ages swimming pool!!

I was at my friends house the other day and they had this huge swimming pool. I asked her how is their swimming pool and she said her and her husband had to clean it up after Winter. That is also what my step-daughter had told me when we were at her house last Sunday. I thought that you don't have to clean it up after Winter but they told me that they have to. Then I asked her  if it's easy to get Pool supplies to clean up the swimming pool and my friend told me that now it's easy because they can only order it online and it's free shipping! That was so cool!! So I asked her to show me what they have purchased and she showed me their Winter Pool covers which still covering their whole in ground swimming pool.  It was really neat to see that the whole in ground swimming pool is covered from our long Winter. This Winter h…

First of the Month

After church hubby and I went to A&W for a sundae before going to my friends house. Inside the store we saw this jokebox. You remember the old times?

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