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Photo Hunt~ Home

Hubby and I were in this re-enactment camp a month ago. The tour guide showed us these part of the camp and the people who are there  dressed up like a hundred years ago costume. They cooked in an open fire and some of their tools are in that era too.  Somewhere in those time this is a home for some.

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Face of the week#17~Father

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!
~Author Unknown

For the face of the week I am featuring my father. Yesterday, we celebrate Father's day and I remember my father too well as I remember him and my mom every day of my life. My Dad passed away 20 years ago and he was 50 years old. I remember him as a loving father to us. He always had this smile and every time he comes home from his work he always brings goodies for us. He teach us to respect and be a good person. Every Saturday we go to see a movie and on  Sunday we go to church and after that we go eat to our favorite restaurant. As a kid that is already a blast, right?  I wish my Dad is still here. I wish he see his grandson and granddaughters. And I so wish that he meet my husband and knew him because for sure he will be happy for me. To my Papa I love you so much and for the rest of my life I won't never forget what you thought me, your principle in life is etched right here in my heart. Happy Father…

Face of the week#16~ Mother

This is my first time to join this meme and I find this meme interesting for a fact that everyday we see faces, that we don't even tried to look closer and fascinate the beauty of each one. Secondly, each face has it's story that is why I like this meme.  Anyway, because it's my first I'd like to put my mother first. Here she beloved Mama. She was an elementary teacher for 36 years. She told us her many stories about how she and her father walked many miles to get to the school where she was assigned. I remember, she wake up  at 3:30 am to washed clothes, prepare our breakfast and off she go to work. She was 63 years old when she  passed away and join our Creator.  She is a very hardworking woman and I so love her and so missing her so much. Now I have to stopped my writing here because I now get emotional -sniff-sniff.                                     To join and see more faces click FACE OF THE WEEK

White Peony

I have three peonies, one is color pink this one which is white and the other one is still trying to survive ^_^ Though they are the same in name but the pink and white has different smell. Now they are all done with their glorious bloom but I am thankful they are giving me enough bloom this year. 

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Brenda Photo Challenge:Weathered & Worn

Asked hubby to fix this right away or else something would fall down soon.                                            More photos for Brenda Photo Challenge here

Favorite Thing Friday

These two are my favorite pieces this week. The tall glass I found from a church rummage sale and this red plate is my first red plate ever. I have several blue plates and jars and now I am starting to look for red plates, talking of getting addicted to plates lol!                                        More favorites thing here at Favorite Thing Friday

A surprise

I had a phone call yesterday from my friend who just get married and who is working in London. And she told me that she uploaded a lot of her wedding pictures at a social network website. Though they don't have yet their honeymoon because they are both nurses but she said maybe the next month their honeymoon will gonna push through. Now they are renting an apartment that is a bit closer to the hospital they are both working. And she was so excited one time that her husband just bought a 22 inch lcd tv for her. She didn't expected it because in their living room they already had one but her husband insisted they had to get one for their bedroom. How sweet is that huh! Well I think my friend is in the right place with the right man. ^_^