A very busy weekend...

This post is a kind of late though but I think better had a post here than nothing at all lol! Anyhow, this last weekend we are kind of busy. Remember earlier I had an enrty about cancer and death, well my husbands cousin Linda died of lung cancer and my across the road neihbor died too. So last Thursday in the afternoon we went to the funeral home for a visit for our neighbor and Friday we went to Lapeer for my husbands cousin Linda for her wake. Friday we came home around 9pm already I was too sleepy and tired already. The next day Saturday, both of the deceased burial schedule are the same, so hubby decided that we will just go to the interment of his cousin Linda and will just later go in the afternoon for an Irish vigil for our deceased neighbor. By 10:00 am we are already in the road going to Lapeer at 11am the serviced started at about 12noon we are heading to the cemetery. After in the cemetery we headed to another church for a dinner. 
By 2:00 pm we are still in the church hall and I have a kiddie party to attend to at the mall. So I called my friend telling her that I am still stuck at the church with my husbands relatives. Around 3:00pm hubby and I headed to the mall and arrived there safe and sound. The thing is if pinays are together di talaga makakalimutan ang picturan moments so I took pictures with friends.  
When we get home from the mall we headed to my step-sons house where the Irish vigil is being held (my step-son's wife is the neice of our across the road neighbor who just died), so we stayed there for a moment but hit the road again going home. I was dead tired it only take me a little while just to clean up myself and I doze to sleep as soon as I hit the bed. By Sunday, we went to church and for the rest of the afternoon I took a long nap. So that is how I spend my weekend busy bee it is.


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