Couples Corner #4: Marriage Proposal

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May 16, 2003...My first time I meet my hubby (then my fiance) at NAIA after 2 years of chatting over the internet. In  those 2 years he sends me gifts, pictures and we chatted every day except Sunday. When he told me that he is coming and will stay for a week I was extremely happy. I was excited to meet him in person and to know if those 2 years that we spend chatting is all worth while. That night of May 16, 2003, by the time I saw him and our eyes meet it was automatic that we sealed our smiles with a kiss.
We are in the parking area in NAIA and we just hold hands and kiss from time to time but doesn't say any words at all couldn't say anything much I was just so thrilled of everything. It was true those sayings that if you happen to meet a person and if he/she is destined for you YOU KNOW IT. I can't explain but it was there inside my heart but didn't say anything eh Filipinang dalaga po tayo.
When we were at the hotel, my niece and my friend where at our room and I was in his room helping him unpacked his things he opened his personal bag and handed me the a single stemmed pink rose. At the middle of the stem was a ring. But my mind didn't focus on the ring instead my mind flew 10 years ago. I remember so vividly in my prayer that I asked for the intercession of St. Joseph to find me a good man. The good thing in that prayer is that I was so my prayer I said the man that I am going to marry is the man who will give me a single stem pink rose. And voila out from MI,USA a single stem pink rose is now at hand with a ring!!
I just smile and keep that memories for awhile with me. Hubby then asked me if I will marry him. Of course, I say YES!! And that makes May 16, 2003 special because that was the day my prayer was answered.

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Mom of Four said…
OMG! Manang Kim, I know I remember you posted something about that sign sometime ago, but I didn't realize that he gave it to you on the very first time you met in person, with a ring?? Holy Smokes..That's LOVE I tell yah. You are meant to be together.
I am so happy that you joined this Meme, now you can share with us the story behind your wonderful marriage..

Next week would be " The Day I said I Do" I will wait for it..
Manang Kim said…
Oo nga talagang shock to the max ever ang beauty ni manash hehe. Hinde sa ring but sa sign it did happened my dear after 10 years!!! So excited to join again.
Clarissa said…
Ako rin,I remember that sign that you posted so blog mo dati!!Hanggang ngayon pinakilig mo na naman ako,Ate Kim!!Cya na talaga ang ukol para sa yo and you have that sign!^_^Aww, sweet!!

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