Couples Corner #5 - The day we said I do.

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After two years of chatting over the internet and another year of waiting for my papers to be approve I came here in US with my hubby accompanying me. I arrived here in US November 12, 2004 it was Fall so after we got out from the airport I felt so cold since that day was so chilly and windy.
I was in fiancee visa and in fiancee visa you have to get married within 3 months since you arrived. That time my hubby's mother was sick of cancer and later die the next month so we didn't plan a grandeur wedding we don't have time I guess lol!! We got married and exchange I do's in the court of Independence county court. With us who witnessed our marriage are the brother and two sisters of my husband with their respected wife and husbands. Before we went inside the court room we were seated at the lobby's seats because the judge has an arraignment going it. I don't know what I feel then my mind is somewhere it was like for 38 years of being single this is the time when I will be committed to someone. As in TRULY committed and not saying enough is enough when married life gets rough hehe. And as a single for 38 years I became so independent, very systematic, I like my way and being with someone for the rest of my life is something else for me.
So when the court clerk announced that the judge is already in her court room we proceeded to enter, I was a bit nervous hehe. Then the judge asked us to stand up in the middle of the court facing her. She read and picked up some verses in the bible but I think it didn't sunk in, in my mind hehehhe. It felt that I am dreaming I keep on telling myself I am getting married I am getting married now lol!! Then the judge drop the question the question all marrying couples should be ready to answer the I DO!! I said I Do to my loving and much cherish man in my life my husband Loren. Gush I felt like I had a goose bump when I said that and the way my hubby kissed me that day is something else parang bikong malagkit hahahaha!! Parang gusto niyang kalimutan na maraming taong nakatingin at nasa korte pa kami hehehehe!!

It was amazing though and for the rest of my life I would never forget that day December 30, 2004 I said my sweetest I DO to my one and only one husband of my life. When we get out from the court it was snowing but not chilly so nice to cuddle up and sipping a hot chocolate with just one pillow and one small blanket for us hahahahaha!!

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Cecile said…
very nice love story :-) thanks for sharing!

mine is here:
Hi kim, how lovely your love story is! Nalingaw ko manang..

ANyway, mine is up!!! Ingat!
sweet_shelo said…
he he.. Natutuwa ako while reading your post sis.. Wow , you've been single for 38 years.. That's a long time to enjoy being yourself only sis ha.. Glad that you have found your man.. God bless you more and your marriage with you one and only!
Rossel said…
natawa naman ako sa parang bikong malagkit, ehehe!

pinaghintay ka ni Lord ng 38 years to give the best man for you and 38 years bago nya nahanap iyon.

akala ko naligaw ako. bakit hindi mo pinopromote itong new blog mo? followed ko na ito ate Kim.
Kero said…
well, sure was worth the wait for 38 years :)

like you, we also married before a judge. nothing lavish and yet like you it was the sweetest day of my life :)

my entry is here
shydub said…
Hello manang kim, natawa ako sa bikong malagkit na kiss hehehehe. Napaka sweet pa rin ng hubby mo kahit ang kasal ay parang papaers na lang for us kasi tayo ang nagpunta rito as in nasa bahay na nila tayo nakatira heheh kasal nlng kulang and yet still may thrill sa kasal ninyo.

Naka relate ako dun ahh sa after 38 years of being single, kasi yan din ang nasa isip ko palagi after 30 years of being single wondering what will be the changes of our life pag may asawa na.

I enjoyed reading your I do story, with your funny adlibs.
gengen said…
It is cute story hehehe thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
buti nga kau may witness kaptid ko talagang di nila inimbita mga parents nila sa wedding nila sa court house, diko ma spelling yung kapatid ko laking american na spoiled na kc, congrats sa ating lahat... thanks for sharing ate kim
Clarissa said…
Talagang pinagtagpo kayo ng husband mo,Ate Kim at cyempre pa para matikman mo ang iyong malagkit na kiss after 38 years of being single lol!

Ate Kim,thanks for your comforting words, I'm trying to have fun--ayoko ng magmukmok muna and stop crying.I'm ok for now.Thanks,Ate Kim!

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