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Yay, it's Couple's corner again and I am excited to write something here. 

This topic is about misunderstanding...hmmm we have a lot of that through the years specially the misunderstanding that comes from me. The instance that I remember is when I started to learned how to drive. 

First off, I don't want to drive and I don't like to drive my brother back in Pinas already told me that driving here in America is a must not a luxury,  he is willing  to teach me how to drive eh I don't like and I told him a lot of alibis telling him that his car is stick shift, the traffic in our place is unacceptable, too  chaos blah blah blah. So I ended up not knowing anything. When I got here I found out that I really need to drive. Then the driving lesson starts, ang hirap pag the one who teaches you how to drive is your husband a simple high pitch of his voice I ended up crying and sulking at the corner inside our bedroom, pouting, and not talking to him. One time after we came from practice I was crying hard I took out my luggage's I told my husband I am ready to go home   I am so stressed out, with all the information that I  had to remember, I had to look the rear view mirror, had to look at my speed, had to look at the pedestrian, had to......WHATEVER and he expected me to get all of those in my head I am already ready to explode???!! I was shouting then  "I am going homeeeee......" and I have to speak it in ENGLISH mas lalong nakaka-frustrate ang sarap na mag BISAYA,  you can't! But I had to say something para mas lalong hinde magka-misunderstanding nga hayy.  I was so scared that time I feel that I am losing my sanity, I thought  at that time if I live like this  every day I will die young. Ang hirap kaya!! Konting laki lang nang boses nang hubby naku super at grabe na ang reaction ko doon. Thankfully, he has all the patience and I ended at the driving school  hubby just gave up eh bumabaha na nang luha buong bahay namin hehehe!!


Mom of Four said…
Hahahaha! You were so funny! Trulili ka dyan sa our hubbies can't teach us how to drive. I had to pay $375 to learn how to drive. Just like your hubby, Rodney tried too, didn't work, so ...

Tayo pa namang mga Pinays eh medyo sensitive di ba? hehehe, konting sigaw ng hubby, iyak na sa tabi.Di nga, totoong nagbabalot ka na ng luggage? Wow! you must really be hurting (emotionally) that time, ahahahaha!

I am glad everything turned out fine.. Ngek, kami nga ga ngayon eh medyo nasasaktan pa rin ang feelings ko kay Rodney, but.,.I guess, part na lang ng aming marriage life yun.

Wait ko ang kiss and make up nyo ha, hehehe.
beakoluvko said…
hehehe I too was taught by mu hubby to drive and everytime his tone changes its pitch I would get mad and stop the car in the middle of the road and get out and tell him to drive home 'coz i am not going to do it anymore LOL. Thank God I learned how to drive naman hhahah I like your story. Mine is is up also
Anonymous said…
hehehehe nalingaw ko sa story nimo manang, na ana sad ko [pack dayon kay mouli na heheheh...

nice one! See you soon unta sa Xmas party?
eds said…
hahaha.. bumabaha ba lagi ng luha.. buti hindi ka namangka.. hehe.. naku bakit nga ganyan hano? kasi ako pag nagtatalo rin kami ni habibi, nakakahanap ako ng kakampi sa maleta hehe.. alam nia pag nag-empake kasi ako gagawin ko . eh lagi pa nman akong me nakasubing pera. anytime pwede ako bumili ng ticket pauwi.. at jan sila takot na takot hehehe..

eto pala version ko >>
Chie Wilks said…
I enjoyed reading your is true...a simple raise of voice from our hubby can tear our hearts out...we are very sensitive...i agree i am..but the good thing is..kahit minsan kasalanan na natin cla pa rin ang susuyo....takot lang nila mawala tau sa buhay nila hehehe
Cecile said…
hahahaha, kakaloka talaga pag ang ating asawa ang nagtuturo sa ating mag drive; parehong pareho tayo ng reactions :-).
sweet_shelo said…
ha ha ha.. that was funny sis.. Ang imo driving coach high pitch man pud diay.. Moulbo sad ako kaspa oi if masinghagan ko.. But anyway sis, life is sweet daw with some misunderstanding, kasi when you kissed and make up love is sweeter daw..
chubskulit said…
Hashahahah totoo ka dyan tKim sa driving lesson. My former boss told me to enroll in a driving lesson sa Pinas bago ako umalis (which I did) kasi sabi nya when the one teaching you is your husband, it is very hard. My boss ended up in a driving school too kasi her husband yelled at her daw lol.

John on the other hand is very patient although there are circumstances that he raised his voice during our practices, okay naman but like you, iyak to the max din ako hahaha..

Here's mine
Clarissa said…
hahahhaaa!!Buti na lang at walang lisencya na kailangan para sa Chari Mama( bicycle )ko lol!!Sobrang sensitive kasi ng mga pinay wives kaya konting raise lang voice nila eh iyak na tayo!!
anne said…
good thing he was able to hold you pa not to go home, mahal ka lang talaga ng hubby mo girl. hehehe
ShY said…
Ingon ana sd ko manang khim. kasakit sa utok ug dughan ning lagot naka tapos dili nimu ma express ky sge paka pangita ug engles nga isulti hehehe. Thyanks for sharing your story
acmumcee said…
naku.. natuwa pamandin ako na since mag ddriving lesson si hubby ngayon eh di hindi na kailangan ng driving tutor pag ako na mag ddrive.. eh parang ganyan din mangyayari samin manang.. naku pa naman, ayaw ko ng sisigawan ako! hahaha!!!

But we are just so blessed to have our hubbydubs who are afraid of losing us.. kaya todo suyo na pag nakikita ng nag aalsa balutan.. hehehe...
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