ABC Wednesday : U for Upscale

My feature for this week is UPSCALE. Look at this house if this is not upscale (adjective) in Thesaurus --
upmarket, smart, exclusive, expensive, posh (informal), high-class, glamorous, classy (informal), chic, swanky (informal), ritzy (informal), prestigious
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

I have never been in a house as huge and beautiful like this one. The one in the picture was taken at the back of the house this is facing the lake. Infront of the house is a swimming pool and the water is cascading down like waterfalls. It has all the amenities inside including a movie room. On the lake the owner has a boat house, a boat of course and 3 jet skies.  My hubby asked me if I like to live in this kind of house....with out batting an eyelash I said I love too LOL!!

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I love it : ) The only problem I would have would be cleaning it! Does a maid come with it?
Sistertex said…
Wow - that's a big house. Very nice U, very creative use of the letter U. Good thinking!
Ann said…
Nice house, I was teaching my adult grown up students, and we drifted to houses, you heard of Up side down houses?

I have a student from Philipines, and IO got her to talk about Berlut.
Sylvia K said…
Great post for the U day! And what a house! Wow!


Tumblewords: said…
Wow! That's upscale all right! How many people could live in that place!
Anonymous said…
Very very posh!
Spiderdama said…
Nice house and a great U!:-)
Carolyn Ford said…
Yup! That's "upscale" all right! I am sure they can afford cleaning services too! Beautiful capture!
Joy said…
Lovely to get up in the morning and go for a swim. Well I can dream. Inventive U.
I've learned that the more possessions you own, the more your possessions own you. Still, I could TRY to get used to it...
jay said…
Oh, I'd love a movie room! But I'd also need an army of servants to run the place! Good one for 'U'!
What a beautiful house, with view to the lake and swimming pool! Don't give up we can always dream.
co wendy said…
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