Couples Corner: Kiss and make-up

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Yepey it's Couples corner again and this week theme is all about Kiss and make-up.

Ang sa akin lang is simple it won't make less sa ating pagka-asawa or sa ating pagka-babae ang mag say sorry sa ating husband. Don't pass the whole night without saying sorry or talking to him about what happened, by that he knew why we are pouting or sulking or giving him the silent treatment etc. Communication is a must in any relationship and saying sorry is a feather for a good relationship. They are worth it right gurls?

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Mom of Four said…
Manang Kim, you are very right. Saying sorry to our hubbies if we made mistake is not going to demoralize us, instead, it will make our relationship stronger and sweeter. Thanks for joining our Meme this week. Next week would be jealousy, and I am curious about your entry..
wenn said…
ya..also just give and take..
Joy said…
You are so right. Very good advice.

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