I need one..

I love to read before I knew the internet ^_^ and I also love to cross-stitch. I even make a money out of cross-stitching by letting my cousins who love to cross-stitch but don't have time and effort to learned but have money to order it from me. So I accept cross-stitching job and frankly speaking I am good at it I can finish a big design for a least 2 days. My mother is a teacher and she already wore eyegla5sses
and every time she caught me still cross-stitching at the wee hours in the morning she really told me that in due time my eyes will be worn out. At young age do you care? Nope it doesn't for me instead I continue to do my cross-stitching.
Until I reach the age of 40's then I felt that hey something is going on with my eyes I can't see far and had a hard time reading the fine words. Hubby told me to get an appointment for eye check-up. So I did after the examination the doctor gave me an  eyeglasses .
I never expected that I would wear someday an eyeglasses I thought I am different and I would never wear one. But I was wrong I do feel that there is already a need to wear one and thankfully my eyeglasses is cheap as you can get. Love it!


Annie said…
I had to start wearing glasses about 20 years ago. I'm grateful every day of my life that I have glasses so I can see. Now, if only Lasik would work for me. Alas, NOT.
Anonymous said…
I recently lost my prescription sunglasses and I was just about to order some from my optometrists when I came across GlassesShop.com. Large online selection and the website is very easy to navigate.

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