Window views & doors too

Last weekend we went to Plymouth, Michigan to watch the Ice Festival. The Festival was held in the park in the middle of the city. As we walked through the streets I saw this beautiful house. I like it very much and so the color how about you?

                                                     For more Windows view and doors visit HERE


Spiderdama said…
Jepp, I like it! Very nice house and windows:-) Great shot!
VioletSky said…
There are so many things I like about this house's windows. The one above the door that looks as if it was too big and juts upwards from the roofline! The gable on the right with the wedding cake embellishments. The double doors.

And then there are the substantial chimney pots!

Great find.
Anonymous said…
there is nothing that i don't like about this house. thanks for sharing.

btw, manang kim are those your kids in your header?
Vicki ~ FL said…
Beautiful home with wonderful windows and doors....would love to see the inside of it.
I like this type of architecture too.

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