Windows and Doors: Thrifty store

Went to visit one of my favorite thrifty store last week. It was very chilly but still manage to take a photo  can you guess what's the name of this thrifty store?
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Photo Cache said…
I love going to Thrift Stores, browsing and sometimes coming home with bags and bags of purchases.

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Carol said…
Don't know the name but it is a beautiful building with great windows. I enjoy thrift stores also, love getting a bargain.
Lovely reflections in this parade of windows!
The building looks rather nice for a thrift store, what with an awning! I have no idea what the name of the store is.
Carolyn Ford said…
Maybe the name is "Thrift Store." It is a nice building with big bright windows.
Dimple said…
Thrift stores can be very neat places. This one looks almost luxurious!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful shot, that is lot of windows.

Windows @ Jodhpur, Blue City
you are teasing us...most likely its name is The Thrifty Store?
nice building design and capture.
hope you found some fab items.
maryt/theteach said…
I'm gonna go with the others and say "The Thrify Store." Could that be, Kim? Happy Window Views! :)

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