Windows views and doors too: Old restaurant

My first time to join Windows views and doors too hosted by gorgeous MaryT .
I ask the concierge if the number etched in the door is right, and he says it is right. The number etched is year 1856 my eyes popped out. I can't help but touched it you know. I imagine people touched it from way back 1800??? How is that? Love to go back to that restaurant again it has a lot of history to tell and I like to touch it again hehe.

This is the outside of the restaurant and this part is already renovated but they keep the stained glass window, doors and some woods.

                                        To see more window views and doors visit HERE


Rajesh said…
Very lovely designs on the windows.
Photo Cache said…
I love door #1. I think I may have to get something of that design when we finally get to replace our blah of a main door.

Happy New Year.
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