CC: Plans for Valentines day

I am back in circulation ^_^. Was busy and my laptop crash so had to buy a new laptop. I don't know what to do if I don't have an internet or any access to outside world ^_^
Since Valentines day falls on Sunday, hubby and I will go to church first and after that we are going to have our lunch date at Fuji Japanese buffet. I already told him about my plan and knowing my DH he never said NO! Last year I choose to stay home and just cooked because of the weather too it was too bad last year. Now I feel not cooking and I feel like we gonna have a date somewhere. Another plan that we gonna have is to eat a lot of chocolates after our lunch time. You know what that means huh!! ^_^
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Mommy Liz said…
Manang Kim, anong meaning ng eat a lot of chocolates after lunch time..hehehe, ano ang kakainin? di ko yata alam yun ah.

Aba, buti pa hubby mo, ikaw ang nag dedesisyon, tong hubby ko ayaw na yaw lumalabas kapag valentine, at marami raw tao, duh! of course maraming tao, hmp! I love Japanese restaurant, pwede makisabit???
Cecile said…
sounds like a good plan, lalo na at ikaw ang nag plan :-); go easy on chocolates though!
Pietro said…
Happy Valentines Day!
Enjoy chocolate (I also like chocolate)!

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